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  Chapter 22!!!!!

  I walk down the halls of the school with Sarah by my side. We are on our way to lunch.

   It's Thursday and my body is a little worn out from this morning. I paid another little visit to the gym this morning. I have been going more often yesterday and today because I have my fights tomorrow and then it's the semi finals where I lost last year. I don't intend to do that again so I have to step up my game.

  I go to the line and grab my food and follow her to the table where us four sit. She is greeted with a smiling Ricky and she kissed his cheek before sitting. Elliot is no where to be seen right now.

  After Tuesday we became even more closer. We talked for about an hour after school yesterday on the phone. It's kind of a relief to actually talk to him about the fighting and what he feels about what's going on so it will make it more easier for Blue Night. He asked me to come to Warrior's Castle or at least the semi finals but I used the excuse of how I'm not used to it. I told Him I was still routing for him from afar though.

  I jump up and yelp out of shock when a pair of struggling arms wrapped around my shoulders from behind me. I hear laughter and then Elliot sat next to me. I hit his chest while he keeps laughing.

  I look over at Sarah and Ricky doing the same. I glare at Sarah and she stopped immediately. When Ricky doesn't shut up she hits his chest and he shuts up. Sarah knows me so well. I turn to Elliot and he continues to laugh. I glare at him and his laughter turns into a grin. He just winks at me and I hit him again. He erupts into laughter again.

  Sarah and Ricky are biting on their tongues trying to hold in their laughter. I have the worst friends.

  I sigh and get back to my food. Elliot eventually stopped laughing and talked about the game. I still don't know how he does it. He's the star quarterback during day and then Randy Viscous street fighter at night.

  I smile at him and stare at how he talks to Ricky about strategies. When he really is concentrated on something he gets tingles between his eyes brows and his lips are in a straight line.

  He notices me staring and smirks at me. I roll my eyes when he winks making him chuckle. I giggle too when he holds his now hurting chest from me slapping him.

  Sarah is smirking at us and Ricky looks amused and I just know I have a slight blush. Why the hell am I blushing? I don't think I have blushed since Landon who always made me blush.

  I didn't know I had a slight frown until Elliot bumped me with his elbow and gave me a worried look. I shrugged and smiled at him. He didn't seem convinced but I ignored it and started talking to Sarah.

  I could feel his eyes on me. He would talk to Ricky but turn to look at me every few minutes.

   I could see the confusion and worry in them and I hated that. I understand though because he opened up to me about everything. He even told me about his street fighting and why he fights. I haven't told him really anything. My parents, Landon, and especially not about street fighting and who I really am. Atleast I could open up about Landon and my parents but it's so hard when Sarah is the only one who knows and she understands but I don't know if Elliot will or not. I want to but I have too many second thoughts.

  When the bell rings signaling that lunch is over I immediately get up and throw my trash away and walk down the halls to my locker. I knew he was going to ask and try to get me to let it out but I didn't want to. Atleast for right now. I have to focus on my fights tomorrow.

  I grab my books and look around and enter my next class. I went to the back and sat down hoping he wouldn't sit near me.

  Right before the bell rang he walked into the class right before the teacher. Of course the only open seats were the two in the back that were on either side of me. He walked up and sat on my left.

   He looked at me with the same expression. I sighed as leaned in to whisper in his ear, "I don't want to talk about it right now. Later, please?"

I leaned back into my seat and he simply nodded with the same expression though. I have him a small smile which he returned. Good, he stopped giving me that face and smiled for a short second.


  I walked out of the school and I am immediately hit with the cold weather of autumn. I shiver a little and hug myself. This is going to be a long walk home. Man, I really need to get a car.

  I headed down the sidewalk and toward the street before I heard, "Little Fighter!" Being yelled my way.

  I turn around and Elliot runs over to me. I still am hugging myself to help with the cold and he looks at me with an expression I can't read.

  "Yeah?" I ask, clearing the silence among us.

  " you need a ride home?" He asked.

  "No, it's okay Elliot. I'll be fine." I say. I had to shiver at that moment.

  He eyes me up and down and gives me a small smile as he says,  "It is way to cold. You either get in my car and let me drive you home or I carry you there."

  I stare at him before nodding and walking to his car. He nudges me on my side a little grabbing my attention.

  "What's up? You are usually way more cheery or at least talkative then this. You are usually quite but you always have some smart remark. You're kind of weirding me out little fighter." He says with a smirk and I laugh and push him.

  He chuckles at my actions and we get into the passenger side of the car.

  He parked in front of my house and I got out before the car really fully stopped. I had a ton of homework and I needed to pay the gym a visit tonight. Tomorrow were the fights before the semi finals and I really needed to step up my game.

  "Well, goodbye to you too, Little fighter!" Elliot shouts at me from his car, his sarcasm one hundred percent clear in his voice.

  I turn around and I shake my head. I had a smirk on my face but he seemed confused. I ran back up to him and smiled sweetly at him.

  "I can't give proper goodbyes with you still in the car." I said with a wink. I loved messing with him. He jumped and stepped out of the car and I beckoned him to come closer to me with my finger.

  He leaned down and I looked up, staring in his eyes. I jumped up in his arms and wrapped my arms around him. I wrapped my legs around his waist and hid my face in the crook of his neck, squeezing him in a hug. He wraps his arms around me, hugging me back and chuckles.

  I dropped down from his arms and lightly pecked his cheek.

  He smiled down at me, "There's my little fighter."

  I grin and wave bye as I walk inside. I still had a huge grin on my face from Elliot but it soon falls when I walk into the living room.

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