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Sam's POV

  I didn't Stop the tears because I couldn't. I don't even grab something to wipe my nose because I don't feel like moving. I was one crying, snotty, and wet mess when I made it to the  abandoned house. Just as I walked home crying after Elliot walked away the rain started pouring down.

   Laying down looking up at the dirty ceiling of the abandoned house, I was constantly reminded of memories of Elliot. I remember the time the guys jumped me and Elliot was there. He didn't know it was me, Sam or as he calls me little fighter. Gosh, that nickname makes me go numb everytime he called me that and in a good way. That special nick name for me also reminded me of my real name to him, Stephanie. Why did I have to make this whole tangle of a web of lies?

  I know I should have told him but I was to scared that this would happen. Now, he's gone and is probably never going to talk to me ever again.

  I am dreading going to school on Monday. I am dreading having to have fight him at Warrior's Castle. This isn't fair! Why did I ever have to let Elliot Anderson in my life even if he didn't brighten it up.

  I know now that hr really was the only light in my life besides Sarah. I really want to talk to my best friend about this right now but I know I can't. I hate keep secrets. Knowing her she would be happy to talk about my first ever boy problems since Landon.

  I barley slept that night in the abandoned house. It was like a nap that didn't do any help. When I woke up to the sun light shining through the broken wooden window.

  I don't eat at all just slipped on some running cloths on for a morning run.  I ran until my feet hurt and didn't know why but soon I found myself running down the street where our apartment is. I stood there by the street sign staring at the place I wanted to real sleep last night where he would be a sweetheart and make sure I slept on the bed. It's only been 12 hours and I already miss him too much.

   I was about to keep running knowing that if I kept looking the tears would come again and I don't want that again but then I saw him. Elliot was just waking up judging by his messy hair and his feet sweats on and plain white T-shirt. I missed waking up to that also.

  He yawned as he walked outside and stretched alitte before sitting in the metal steps. He looked out at the big sun up in the morning sky. I knew that if I stayed any longer he would notice me.

  He looked beat up with his head in his hands now. I wanted nothing more to just hug him again and ask for his fogginess but I know that will never happen. I have a feeling things will never be the same again. I sigh and wipe away the first tear before running again.

  I can't deal with the heartbreak that comes along with this. I can't deal with the running and crying. I guess I have to forget my beat friend. The person I talked everything about to. The one who talked to me about everything.

  The best friend that I spent a couple days in California for there sister's wedding. Him who I danced with all day at that same wedding. The one who always woke up with that messy hair look. That grin he would give me when I told him how proud I was of him. If I forget him I am hoping this pain will eventually go away.

  I just gave to deal with Warrior's Castle like he is the same Randy Visous I knew before everything happend.

  I dragged myself into the house with that same thought in my head. Getting ready for the gym and running there to let out off some steam I thought about my thoughts about my now ex best friend.

  I know that I like him way  more than a friend but he was still my best friend no matter how many romantic feelings I have for him. I know that will just end up in a big mess just like it did with Landon.

   So, thinking about all this Sunday afternoon as I trained in the quiet gym this time without him, I relised what I really needed to do.

  From this point on I have to forget Elliot Anderson.


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