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I slept at Elliot's agian and helped him pack. Starting with his suitcase for the trip for his sister's wedding and then when that was finished we started to pack for the apartment.

I passed out in his bed next to him. I thought it was going to be very awkward but Elliot of course made it not.

We were now on the plane with my hand murdering his from squeezing every couple seconds. He didn't say anything and ripped my palm with his thumb even though I could see him wince everytime. I felt bad and started squeaking the seat with my other hand.

It tried to focus in his soft run on my palm and closed my eyes imagining that j was not in a plane and in California on the beach already.

The flight took longer than I thought. I fell asleep for like an hour from being to scared. Poor Elliot stayed up just in case and didn't get any.

I followed my suitcase like Elliot beside me when I saw his face visibility brighten and look at something or someone. It was his sister. She opened her arms with a huge grin reaching her eyes.

Elliot mat he's her grin and rind up to her engulfing her in a big hug. I smiled at the sight of the two siblings.

Once she pulled away from him she sent a smiled towards me. She looked form to Elliot for a bit before raising am eyebrow in question. Elliot mist have read her mind or something because he still answered her unspoken question.

"She's just a friend. Her name is Stephanie but I call her little fighter." He says grabbing my hand and pulling me closer to them.

She immediately pulled me into a rib crushing hug. I smiled and hugged her back after getting my air a little bit back.

"Are you should she's just a friend. The only person you ever told about our situation was Ricky because be has been your best friend for years."

Elliot sighed, "Yes, Maria she is my other best friend. She and I never really talked until this year and now she is moving in with me and she knows my secrets. And I mean all of them."

I don't know why but I could tell I was blushing. I quickly thought about something bad. Like how her telling his sister that my name was Stephanie reminded me all the shit going on making me instantly lose the cooler from my cheeks.

No, this trip is to celebrate his sister's wedding and to enjoy it and thats exactly what I am going to do! I encouraged and reminded myself this as we made our way to her car with our bags behind us.


When we got inside we were greeted with a very Piper and excited little Faith. She ran and hugged Elliot's legs since he was so tall. He chuckled and picked her up leaving his suitcase there. I grinned as the unexpected happened.

Faith ran over to me and hugged my legs right as well. Good, she remembers me.

I hugged her back and started tickling her neck a little making her giggle.

"Okay, Faith that's enough. Don't kill her just yet. I still need her St my wedding." Elliot's sister says to her daughter and Faith let's go.

"I'm Elliot's sister as you probably already know. My name's Maria." She says smiling and I shake her hand with a smile on return.

"You already met Faith as I can see. Faith told me that Uncle Elliot brought a girl and she said she loved you. I didn't know it was you but now I can see."

"My soon to be husband is in the bedroom. Since the wedding is tomorrow he's getting his stuff ready to go to the hotel with his brother after dinner."

"I'm finished sweetie." I hear a male voice come from the hallway.

The owner of the voice walks into the living room where we are standing and smiles. This must be the lucky guy.

"Elliot! It's great seeing you again man." He says and hugs Elliot as they both chuckle.

He looks at me and smiles back at Elliot, "Who is this beautiful girl you've brought with you?" He asks him.

"This is Stephanie but I call her little fighter." He says and smiles at me as well.

The guy puts his hand it for me as I shake it, "I am Maria's soon to be husband. My named Marcus bit you can call me Mark."

I smiled at him and stood next to Elliot again. I still wasn't comfortable with them when though I know they are Elliot's real family.

"Dinner will be ready real soon. What would you like us to call you?" Maria asked kindly.

Normally I would sat Sam but I can't and it kills me that u am lying to his family too. I don't want little fighter because Elliot us the only one who call me that.

"Umm..I guess just Stephanie. I recently am not used to it because this one never says my real name." I say looking at Elliot as he laughs.

They join in and I know I am going to enjoy it here.


Dinner was now done and we all sat down eating. For the last half am hour I played with Faith with Elliot while the dinner was getting done.

Elliot and Mark were talking about guy stuff that I didn't understand half the time.

"So umm me and Mark have different announcement." Maria says smiling at her sokn to be husband. He smiled back and holds her hand.

"What is it?" Elliot asks putting his fork down and staring at his grinning sister.

"We're having another baby!" She annoyed and it's silent for about a second before Elliot grins and jumps up opening his arms for his sister and pulls her in.

We all laugh at his excitement. She was a five weeks along and she found out two weeks ago. She was glowing and she was super happy which made me smile at the happy family.

"Okay! I also have a question sort of." Maria says and looks over at me as I give her a confused look.

"Well, My maid if honer is my best friend and her two sister are my bridesmaid but I do need another brides maid. I can see how close you and Elliot is and I am pretty sure you guys will be friends for a long time since you are moving on together. I wanted to ask if you would be fine being my other bridesmaid?" She asked me with a hopeful smile.

I nearly choked on my food and my eyes widened.

"M--me? You want me to be one of your brides maid?" I asked even though I know I heard her. I just want to make sure.

She nodded, "Yes, that's what I'm asking."

I took a deep breath and looked at Maria and Marking slowly losing their hopeful smiles as silence continued. How could I say no to them?

I smiled and nodded, "Of course. I would love to." I respond and a vibrant grin press across her face. She kissed her husband and then came over to me for another hug.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Come with me, I have got to show you your dress and mine too." She said grabbing my hand and pulling me with her. As we pass Elliot we exchange a small smile.

I grin at the excited Maria as she opens her closet and pulls out the dresses. I am starting to really like it here.


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