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∆Elliot's POV∆

  I woke up from unconsciousness with my eyes snapping open quickly. Before I even opened my eyes to have blurry vision at first, I called out for Little Fighter. She was walking in front of me carrying bags up to our apartment before I was jumped from behind and put immediately to sleep. I need to know she is safe and they didn't go after her because she is completely innocent and like my second half these days.

  When I saw her sitting across from me tied up I got pissed at who dared to touch my little fighter. Who the hell did this anyway and how did they know I was Randy Visous? How the hell did they know where me and little fighter lived?

  I heard her weak voice call back my name as she opened her eyes,"Elliot?"

  I was so relieved that she was fine and talking to me then. She was everything to me these days and that's why I almost lost it when Sneak Attack and Amanda walked into the room and accused my little fighter of being Blue Night.

  My first thought was how impossible it was. Little fighter is feisty and tough but not like a well known street fighter. Little fighter would have told me if this was true. Also, she was in the crowd for my fight at the semi-finals. There was no way she was ever her. I don't see any similarity between them at all so how dare they drag her into this.

  "That's insane! She is innocent in all of this. She was in the audience for almost all my fights. Including at the semi finals where I whooped your ass." I shouted at Sneak Attack as soon as he whispered that she was blue Night next to Little fighter's ear but loud enough for me to here.

  He glared at me and sent a hard hit on my jaw as I sat there tied up and helpless. I glared back at him.

  "I am right and you know it. You tried to find out who Blue Night is as well and since I am with Stephanie all the time, you guess that she is Blue Night. How can she be her when they are nothing alike? She is sweet, kind, and innocent while Blue Night is not. She has always been watching my fights and I have never seen anything suspicious. I know my Little fighter and she is not her!" I shouted at him.

  He looked back at little fighter then back to me. By the look on his face he was having doubt about her really being Blue Night. Just looking at her now looking all innocent I knew she wasn't her but I guess I was wrong.

  My anger raised as they untied her and Sneak Attack said, "We'll just have to see."

  I knew what that meant and I struggled to get untied. They were going hurt her. I couldn't watch this. I couldn't watch my innocent little fighter get hurt because of me.

  "I swear to god, I am going to murder you! Get your fucking hands off of her!" I shouted glaring at them. They ignored me as Amanda sent a punch to her ribs. I started pulling as hard as I could as she hunched over in pain.

  I shouted at them as they both kept striking her and she looked hopeless. They weren't going to stop until she was down for the count. She didn't know what to do and she deffiently doesn't deserve this.

  I kept shouting and I felt my eyes watering. I can't help her. I can't save my hopeless little fighter as she was getting beat down right in front of my eyes.

  I heard gasps and I snapped my head back up to see little fighter fight back. Not like I would imagine. She fought like she knew what she was doing. She fought fast and skillfully. She fought like Blue Night.

  My breath got caught in my throat when I watched both Amanda and Sneak Attack fall down unconscious at the hands of my little fighter or as I now Blue Night.

  Her eyes were on the ground avoiding mine. She finally got the courage to look up at my still shocked expression. Then, my expression changed into utter betrayal and hurt. How could she not tell me this whole time?

  "Is... is it t-true? I asked.

  She hesitated for a bit and looked at me with a expression filled with guilt before saying softly the answer I already knew, "Yes."

  "So this whole time you were Blue Night?" I asked getting angry and confused. She simply nodded before she untied me and told me we would talk about everything after we got out of there.

  I had a lot of questions that needed to be answered by her for sure. That's when we got back to the neiborhood close to where our apartment was I turned to her expected them to be delivered.

  She had told me everything and I have to admit that it was a lot to take in and I still had more questions but I needed to cool down or I was going to explode.

  I sat down on the curb next to her but sitting a little farther away from her. I took deep breaths with my head in my hands peaking out so I could see the edge of the sidewalk under me.

  I looked back up at her. My Little fighter and Stephanie. Turns out she is neither. Her real name is Samantha and she is Blue Night.  My face showed hurt all over it when I spoke.

  "I need to think and by myself. I... I don't know what to say right now." I said and she nodded her head to tell me she understand.

  "Okay." She said very softly.

  I got up and began to walk back to the apartment feeling like I was for sure going to let a tear fall tonight after four years of never even letting my eyes water.

I stopped in my tracks before I could even get into my thoughts. I sighed and turned back around and walked towards the curb where she still sat hunched over and shaking a little.

  I cleared my throat making her look up at me. She had wet, tear stained cheeks. Her eyes were filled with tears that were begging to fall.

  I inhaled a deep breath when I saw her guilty and hurt expression. I would be jumping right over to her and have her in my arms in a second to comfort her, but I sure as hell am not thinking straight right now. I just can not picture her with that hoodie and eye mask on.

  I let out a shaky breath as my vision got blurry from water filling my eyes. I turned around and started to walk towards the apartment without turning back around. I heard a muffled cry from behind me making me close my eyes and force myself to keep walking as the two tears fell down.

  Laying down on the air mattress in mine and her's apartment was not helping my thoughts from leading them to think that the whole thing we had was fake.

  I knew something sounded like Sam from Sarah. I just brushed it off though and planned a very fun afternoon with little fighter that day. Little did I know that she was Sam and not my Stephanie.

  I felt lonely laying here in the living room we share. Images of her laughing from California at my sister's wedding flashed in my mind.

  She met my damn sister and her family. Not even Ricky has done that. He did know about it all but never met any of them besides a small greeting with a three year old Faith. She knew everything about me and I thought I knew everything about her but turns out she was a whole other person.

  I finally fell asleep two hours before the sun was going to come up and I had to get up to go to school. I fell asleep thinking about everything I said to Little and Blue Night and trying to make a connection but it never crossed my mind. I gave up and finally passed out from a long and not so pleasant night.


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