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Part 1 of the
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I woke up to an alarm going off in my ears from my headphones. I grab my phone and turn the alarm off with a big yawn.

When I took my headphones ot of my ears and tried to sit up a pair of arms held down. Elliot's arm were wrapped around me. I looked over my shoulder see him still sleeping. My back was against his bare chest. His feet were touching mine and I slid them away from being ticklish. I can see the pillow deffiently is not between us anymore.

I sighed and rested my head back on the pillow. I found myself leaning back Into him and closing my eyes. It was surprisingly very comfortable and o couldn't help from falling asleep in his arms again.


I woke up again what felt like forever but according to the clock that Elliot had on his night stand by my bed was nearly 30 minutes.

This time it was different because I didn't get held down when I sat up. I looked to see where once Elliot was lying down is now empty.

I yawned again and got out the bed. I was in my shirt black shorts and my white tank top. I grabbed one of Elliot's shirts and slid it over my head. I looked around for my sweats but couldn't see them so I just made my way to his bedroom door and walked out cautiously. I don't know where his parents were. They could be at work or here.

I walked to the stakes and got smell of Pancakes and...bacon!!! I walked down the stairs as quiet as I could be. I walked into the kitchen still without a sound. I stood at the doorway with a small smile at what I saw in front of me.

Elliot was cooking in the oven bacon and pancakes were already stacked on a plate. He was humming a tune that I soon realized as the song we danced to when I first really met him at the party. ( See chapter 8)

He grabbed the spatula and started fully singing along loudly and moving around a little. I couldn't hold in my laughter and it came out.

He yelled and jumped up in the air, the spatula now in the air. The spatula lands in the stove top with a smash sound.

"Holy hell, you scared me!" He shouted at me.

I bit my lip trying to hold in a laugh. He stood there and crossed his arms and glaring at me. I bursted in laughter, holding my sides cause it hurt from the amount I was laughing and how hilarious that was.

"Yeah, yeah, it's so hilarious." He said and turned back to the bacon.

I was still trying to catch my breath when he was putting the pancakes and bacon on the two plates on the counter.

"I tried to be nice and make breakfast but I don't think I should give you any now." He said holding the other plate that was supposed to be mine up in the air.

I glared at me and stopped laughing. I crossed my arms to act more affect. He just gave me a smirk and it still was in his hands.

I reached for the plate only for him to hold it higher up from my reach and hen to the far left and all around. I groaned in defeat and gave up.

I gave him a putting face and hoping he'll feel bad and give it to me. He just looked amused with a smirk in his face.

I gave him the water eyes and I saw his arm lower and his expression soften. He glared at me, "Don't make that face, those eyes are going to kill me." He said sounding frustrated.

I didn't and I made sure he could still see me even if he turned and moved his eyes around the room.

He gave a loud sigh and pushed the plate on the tabel in from of the seat, "Here, you win."

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