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  I grabbed my bag and glanced over at a sleeping Sarah. I opened her bedroom door and walked down the stairs tip toeing and being careful not to make noise. Sarah's mom and dad are still a sleep cause I could hear her dad's snoring.

  I made my way to the front door and went out. I wrote a note for Sarah saying I went home early and I would call her later.

  I walked down her Street and noticed that Elliot's dad was leaving for work and saying goodbye to him. He looked a little irritated as his father walked away with his suit on. Elliot slammed the front door shut.

  I looked at the time on my phone and realized I had time before I got to meet up with him for training.

  So I decided to go to my house. I needed a shower anyway and I left my clean hoodie there. I wonder why Elliot fights? I have my reasons.

  Landon and my parents are the reason I take every punch, kick, or block every punch or kick but why did he? I intend to find out the next month we have until Warriors Castle arrives.

  I opened the door with my key. I walked in and was welcomed with a smell I haven't smelt in awhile and it was pancakes.

  What the hell was going in? I walked into the living room. My father was in the chair and was whatching a sports interview with a football player. He didn't have a beer in his hands and he looked like he actually got a good night's sleep.

  I haven't seen him like this in three years. I walked into the kitchen and I am amazed at what I see. My mom is actually making pancakes and humming a song. Am I in a dream? I know this can't be true.

  I cleared my throat and she shot her head towards me and gave me a little smile. It wasn't a weak smile like usual.

  "Hi, Sweetie. How did it go with Sarah last night?"

  My eyes widen and she looks at me with a blank expression, "What the hell is going on?"

  "Well, what do you mean?" She says and my anger rises.

  "You know exactly what I mean! I come home to dad whatching TV with no beer or alcohol in sight and looks like he got atleast a decent rest! You are making pancakes and humming to a song! You haven't made pancakes in years and dad hasn't once not had a drink in his hands while watching TV or atleast when I was here!  What the hell is going on?!" I repeat more like demanding an answer.

  She looks down nervously and then back up at me,  "Your father and I agreed to not drink and for me to make pancakes again. Just like it used to be. We need to see if we can change for good. We are seeing how it works out and to see his restrain from alcohol and so far he's doing well. I love you Sam and I'm really trying."

  I can't believe what I'm hearing. Then, I realized what will most likely happen. Dad will not last today and my mom will have to help him get to bed from drinking so much and she won't have time to make pancakes because she'll be passed out from helping my drunk father. So, I just rolled my eyes and went upstairs and went into my bathroom.

  I took a quick shower not wanting to be late. My mind went to when we made that deal so I know I can't be late. I mentally told myself to be early.

  I got out the shower and got dressed into black shorts and a blue sports bra. I had my crop top over it. I put my hoodie, mask, and everything else I'll need at the gym in my bag.

  I walked down the stairs once I dried my hair the best I could and brushed it pulling it up into a high ponytail.

  Once I was down the stairs I swung my bag onto my shoulder and headed towards the front door but was stopped when my mom stepped out from the kitchen.

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