I walked into the school with Sarah by my side. We had a sleep over at her house. Manly dancing to bitch I'm Madonna. That was so our song now.

I walked over to my locker as She said the words I really didn't want to hear, "I got tickets! On Friday it's always better."

I nodded with a big fake smile, "I bet!"

"You need to come with me this time."

I sighed, "Fine" I'll just have to come up with something while my fight because I can magically duplicate me. Right?

She squealed and hugged me squeezing me to wear I can't breath. She let go finally.

We giggled as we walked to home room class. We were lucky this year because we have five out of our seven classes together. Second and fifth periods were awful without my best friend. I had gym and health without her.

At lunch we sat down at our regular seats and of course she started talking about Blue Night again. I tried changing the subject but she always brought it back to her or me.

I had enough of her today as we made our way to our seventh and last class. Everyone was already in there and I'm glad we weren't late cause just as we sat down the teacher came in shutting the door behind him.

She kept talking about it during class and I tried to just pay attention to the lesson.Boy, my best friend can really talk with no end in sight.

I turned to her and said, "I'm trying to pay attention and your disturbing me."

She rolled her eyes at me smiling sweetly and I grinned trying to hold my laughter back.

After school I dropped Sarah off and told her I'll be back at five to go to the arena. I grabbed my bag from home and walked to Sarah's house.

I walked with a very happy Sarah. She was telling me the whole walk there how excited she is.

"Okay, I get it!" I yelled.

She laughed as we got into the building. We stood around until the lights dimmed and light only shone on the ring and the entrance.

This girl I beat a few times and this other girl who I didn't recognize fought and it looked awful. You can tell they were both rookies at this. I tried to hold back my laugh as the girl almost missed her face when she punched her.

It went on a little longer until the one girl finally won. She got a couple claps but my hands stayed at my side.

It takes a lot to impress me. A few fights later there was only two more fights left for the Night. Randy Vicious and then mine. I left towards the end of the fight. I knew he would win so I wasn't missing that much. I slip back stage without Sarah noticing. I text her that I left because of a sick stomach. Lame excuse but it worked. She'll just have to take a cab tonight because I know Sarah would be way to terrified to walk in the dark in this area.

I got ready quickly. I walked over to the curtain I was going to come out of. I stretched as Randy walked through the curtain into the back.

He looked at me and I looked back at his sweaty and 'just had a Fight' look where he looked a little drained out but also had that tough face on. Then our stare broke as someone threw him a drink and the announcer yelled, "Ladies and gentleman please welcome the bad ass girl around Blue Night!"

Everyone started to chant and scream.

I walked out and spotted Sarah in the crowd chanting away. I walked into the ring and my opponent came out. It was another girl. I didn't see Elliot before when I came out and I was a little confused but now he's standing there where he usually is. I winked and he smiled winking back.

She was a good trained fighter. I've got to to give her that but not nearly good enough to even leave a bruise on me. My arm was raised indicated that I won and I headed back stage as I heard people shuffle out of the building.

I took a big gulp of my water in my room. I took my jacket off with my mask still on though. There was a knock at the door and the person said, "Noah wants to see you."

I yelled back, "I'll be out in a minute!"

  I quickly pulled my sweats on, leaving my shorts on under them. Then, I put black tank top on before putting my jacket back on with the hood up. I put my mask back on. I'll take it off once I leave the building.

I made my way to the ring where Noah and Randy Vicious were speaking. He now has a black shirt and red shorts on, but still has his mask on. I climbed into the ring and walked over to them.

"So what is it you needed me for Noah?" I ask as I notice Randy's eyes on me.

"Yes, I wanted to see you both."

"If you don't mind me asking why?"

He grinned and I knew something suspicious was going on here.

"What the hell is it?" Randy spits out the words.

Looks like he doesn't have any patience.

"Well, our rival company is coming after us."

"What does that have to do with us?" I ask with my arms folded across my chest.

"Well, they have a tagteam and I hear they're really dangerous and hard to beat. I know that both of you will probably be in the semi finals and possibly in the finals at Warrior's Castle."

"Still don't see your point here." Randy says with more anger.

"Well, let's face it, you two are my best fighters. You can believe you're the best or something but both of you have never fought and you both made it to the semi finals last year so right now your equal."

I nodded wanting him to continue but I noticed Randy didn't really like the truth. He wasn't the best and he wasn't really better than me.

I smirked at how angry he was at that and than brought my attention back to Noah.

"Well, since you two are my best fighters I am making you the tagteam that goes against them in a doubles fight at Warrior's Castle."

Hell no, hell to the no. This isn't happening.

"Are you fucking joking?" Randy asks.

"How can I be partners with this ass hole and what if it's one of us in the finals. We would have to fight in a hard doubles match and than try to win against the champion?"

"Watch it princess!" Randy said looking at me and we got a little closer.

"You're really calling me a princess?"

"Looks like I am princess."

I clenched my hands into fist. We stared each other down.

"Come on you two have to trust and respect each other if we're going to win."

"I'm not fighting with her!"

"I'm not fighting with him!"

"Well then you can pack your bags because you're not a street fighter any more. I will have my men escort you out."

I broke eye connect and looked at Noah who looked serious.

I sighed and looked at Randy and said, "Tomorrow we train here in the gym."

He looked mad and defeated but he still nodded.

"Great! Everything is settled than." Noah said with a grin.

With that I got out the of the ring, walked back stage with Randy, and walked over to my room ignoring him.

I can't believe I have to do this. This is bullshit that I have to.

With Randy Vicious.

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Song title - bitch I'm Madonna by Madonna

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