He just kept nagging me about me giving him my number so we could hang out.

When the bell rang and it was time for my next class I nearly ran out of there. I was glad I got caught in the mix of the crowd of highschool students so he wouldn't run after me. I can't be fucking friends with him. He is my enemy in the ring. He also is my partner but that's blue Night not Samantha.

The best way to get out of this situation is to ignore Elliot at school because we can not be friends. Finish the training and the match with Randy and then me and him can go back to normal. Except for I know his real identity and I need him in the crowd. I have gotten used to him being in the crowd.

Can I really be two different people. His friend and then his partner in fighting. He does it with me because I'm not Samantha or Blue night to him. I'm Stephanie and she doesn't know about him being Randy Vicious.

Ugh, when did my life get so complicated? I sat down in my seat and payed attention. The rest of the day I ignored him in the halls and when my class with him came he didn't say anything to me. That's good that he already forgot about Stephanie because then we can go back to normal.

He wasn't even paying attention in class because guess who was in the class as well? Cary just can't get enough can she? I rolled my eyes at them when they were in the back touching up on eachother and making out. I payed attention and ignored them the rest of class.


  I woke up at Five the next day. It was the middle of the week, Wednesday. Only had three more days until the weekend where I will train with Randy and then have my two fights on Tuesday next week.

  I zipped up my jacket. It was a little chilly outside so I put on my jacket. I started jugging with my headphones in. I woke up a little later then I usually do so I only had about 45 minutes for a run where I usually had an hour and a half.

  I ran with my music blaring. Letting off steam because I don't really have time to go to the gym in the morning. I was breathing really heavy by the time I was back in my house. My mother was sitting in the living room with my father. One of those rare moments. My mom gave me a smile before I went upstairs to get ready for school.

  I left walking to the school and to my locker. Sarah was at my locker in no time and she had a grin on her face.

  "Why so happy?"  I asked closing my locker and looking at her.

  She looked at me with wide eyes , "Are you kidding me? You don't remember what today is?"

  I thought about it for a little while. I hope it's not something super serious and I forgot. Nothing came to mind.

  "I don't know what your talking about." I said with a confused face.

  "Oh. I forgot to tell you yesterday. I got to change my schedule and we have gym together!" She smiled at me and I laughed at her happiness. She always hated her gym class and I do too but not as much as her. Now we get to hate gym together.

  We walked to first class together laughing about how we were so going to kick ass in Dodgeball.

  Once lunch time rolled around I stayed at my locker and told Sarah I would be there soon. I needed to make sure Elliot wasn't going to sit there today.

   After a while I made my way to the lunch room and looked towards the table. It was Sarah sitting next to Ricky flirting and making eyes at eachother and Elliot sitting across from Ricky and he seemed bored. He seemed to be in deep thought.

  Well he is one adventures person. I bet he has a lot to think about. Ricky and Sarah were so caught up in eachother and they didn't notice the look in his eyes but I did because I had that look all the time. It was regret and it looked like he thought he was a piece of shit. He looked disappointed in himself.

  I sighed and walked over with my food. I sat down and all their eyes went on me. I rolled my eyes and ignored them. I took a bite of my food as Sarah and Ricky started a full on make out session.

  I sighed at the same time Elliot did and we glanced at eachother. I quickly looked away and ate my food.

  "Hey, Stephanie?" He said and I looked at him a little surprised he had never called me by my real name well by fake name. Not my game name Blue Night because he has called me that when he's Randy Vicious but my fake name that he thinks is real but not Blue Night or  Sam because to him we are the same person which we are and that's why he thinks his best friend's girlfriends friend is Stephanie or 'little fighter' which he just didn't call me. Is it just me or is all this shit confusing?

  I cleared my throat, "Why do you want, Elliot?"

  "First off I am never going to call you your real name again. Thought I would try it out to be serious but little fighter's got a ring to it."

  I rolled my eyes at him and he grins at me.

  "Anyway, why the hell aren't you talking to me? Is it because my popularity or is it because of my reputation as a man whore? Trust me little fighter I just want a friend right now. You're the perfect fit." He said with a short smile.

  I sighed, " Fine." I finally said after thinking it over.

  He smiles, "Friends?"

  I laugh and nod my head as his grin widens.

  The rest of lunch Elliot and I make fun of the couple we call our best friends and they just glare at us and stand up for each other. I got to admit it is kind of cute how they do that, but I'm not much of a romantic and couples kind of person.

  "Oh, yeah well I got a lot of embarrassing stories on you." Sarah  protests and I just laugh. No she doesn't.

  "Please tell me one." I say with a amussing smile.

  She thinks for a while. "Shit, why aren't you clumsy or something. You are freaking perfect."  She said crossing her arms and stomping her feet like a little kid which got me, Elliot, and Ricky laughing hard at her as the bell rang. We all got up and all four of us walked to fourth period since it was the only class I had with Elliot and Ricky in it.

  As me and Elliot walked side by side behind the couple who held hands and Sarah's head on his shoulder I relised, I am not perfect. Not one bit.

I hope you liked this chapter. It was kind of short but I'll make the next chapter longer and more entertaining.

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