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I woke up to the sun in my eyes from the window. I looked around and noticed I wasn't in my bedroom and I immediately jumped up bit when I saw Elliot Latin on his bed all the memories of yesterday came back.

I looked over ar the clock by his bed. It was 6:02 in the morning and he's still not up yet?

We do have school today. Did he forget that or just always woke up late? I looked back at Elliot. The white sheet was covering h half way. I could see his black sweats still on and his broad, bare shoulders were exposed from the sheet. He was shirtless bit I could only see half of his chest.

I have seen him every night of fights. I have seen him shirtless ar training too bit I still felt a little blush when I noticed my eyes staring at him.

He was still sleeping. He was facing the ceiling and snoring a little. I walked over to him and shook him. He jumped up on his bed and put his fist up.

He stared at me and then slowly dropped his arms and I started to burst out laughing at the sight.

He got off his bed and stood in front of me as I tried to catch my breath.

"You should know not to wake me up like that when in a deep and relaxing sleep little fighter." He said with a smirk on his face and took a step forward.

I started laughing again as he moved closer to me. He still smirked at me when I stopped laughing and leaned in.

"What am I going to do to you for my revenge?" He whispered and before I knew it I was on his bed and he was tickling me to death.

I wouldn't let him win so I flipped him over and pinned him down through my loud laughs. I looked down at his smirking face my hair fell forward and caged our faces together.

We just stared at eachother like we were trying to dig deep in eachother souls until I cleared my thraot and got off of him.

"I'm gonna go use your bathroom." I say and head to his bathroom to get ready for school and try to forget what happened or almost did.


Today was a normal day really except for people kept getting confused and confused at me and Elliot's friendship.

Elliot saw that I was looking around at the people watching us walk together and he actually picked me up and ran to my class. He told him he would give them something to watch and he wanted to see me get irritated. I hit him a bunch of times in his chest before he left to his class so he wasn't late to class.

He talked all lunch with Sarah and Ricky and it was really fun. Of course eyes were still on us bit I just ignored it. I have been getting more and more used to it.

I was now leaving the school with Sarah, Ricky, and Elliot. Elliot was going to drive me to my house so I can grab my other bag I forgot and back to his house. His parents don't get home until around midnight anyway. I can't believe he is letting me stay there. I told him u would go to his fights tonight but I probably won't watch. He was fine with that and I guess I'll just have to pull another stunt.

We a went to my house an I made sure he don go inside. I knew he would get angry st my parents and start something huge. They were still passes out in the living room like last night. I guess they have been like that all day.

I grabbed my bag and went to straight to the arena for the fights tonight.

"Stay in here and lock the doors just in case. I will be back in here no later than an hour. I will watch Blue knight and then I will fight after her and thats all. I promise." Elliot tells me and u smile at him.

"Elliot, just go kick ass. I'll be fine and I will be here to celebrate with you. I promise." I say and give him a reassuring smile.

He grins back at me, "Can you get anymore amazing little fighter?"

I laugh, "I believe everyone, no matter who they are can become better then who they are."

I grins and pinned my cheek. "Listen to my smart little fighter.' he says teasing and I slip his hand away but I didn't hide the smile on my face.

Then gets out the car and heads to the back door and walks inside.

I sigh and once the cost is clear and the tour the car and head inside and to my room quickly with my bag.

I quickly get ready and just when I put in my mask. I hear a knock on my door and Brody telling me Blue Night is fighting in five minutes. I take a deep breath and just tell myself to get these two done with and then get back to the car while Elliot fights so he won't suspect a thing.

I walk out and hear my first competitors music playing loudly as she makes her way to the ring. She had light brown hair with specks of freckles in her cheeks. She looked like she was ready to get down to business.

I hear my music play loud and the crowd chant as I step and head towards the ring. I searched the crowd to see Elliot standing there like always and he winked and I winked back. I looked at her and glared a furious glare that made her flinch a little but didn't crack.

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The bell rang and I pounced right away and punched her right on the hame she quickly recovered and tried to get me but I kept blocking and moving evey which way. My plan was to tire her out and then get my shot and so far it was working.

Once I saw her aimed punched get weaker and sloppy I jab her with an uppercut and he head grown back. Her eyes towards the ceiling and the grab the back of her neck and bring her down to my raised knee once..twice..three times. She yelled out in pain but then she takes me towards the ropes and starting to lunch me but they were crazy sloppy and she was not blocking so her face was clear open. I pinched a fast right and then a really hard and fast left making her whip her head. I kicked her right on her stomach and she fell down.

I got on top and continued to pick her and she eventually gave up and slowly lowers her arms and not blocking anymore. I was going to give he my last blow to break her but I looked at her.

"Just give up, I don't want have to hurt you like that when you are great and respectful competitor."

She was breathing really heavy and her nose was bleeding she tapped out and I have her a small nod back as the bell rang.

They helped her out the rang and my hand was raised. I still had another fight with a guy I beat before multiple times and I know his ways now.

He came out and then we got back to business. I would pretend to take the first hit and it was slow so he would get a great time to get me. I let him swing but I swerved left and grabbed his back and slammed it on my knee. Frames his ingot he corner if the ring and repeated punching him.

I knew when he was going to put his left behind your knee give enough pressure to fall. Like I said I have been with him a few times and I knew his ways.

I grabbed his leg pulled his abdominal to mt raised knee and I kept drinking him in his stomach.

He eventually fell down and exhausted but I was just getting started.

10 minutes later my hand was raised up and the chants started again.

I won the fights tonight and next up is the semi finals.

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