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  "What!" and, "Wait, how?" Was heard loudly from both Sarah and Ricky.

I sighed, "I know it's really new and crazy but, ask any questions and we will answer them."

"So you are telling me this whole time you were Blue Night and Elliot was Randy Vi-" she started and then shook her head like she couldn't believe it.

I took Sarah's hand and gave a little squeeze, "I wouldn't lie to you about this if I didn't know the risk like what happened last week. You didn't even hear the news about what happens to me at Warriors Castle. Amanda, she shot me. So, Elliot had to cover up and say I was at the wrong place at the wrong time in a bad part of town."

  She took a shaky breath and I pulled her into a hug, "I know you need time to process all of it. I promise that when you are ready I will answer any questions. Okay?" I whispered.

  She sniffed and pulled away nodding her head, "Yeah, its a lot, but I don't want to ruin your birthday. We were supposed to go out to dinner all four of us and you would wear the new dress and shoes. It was going to be perfect for you."

  I shook my head, "No, it's ok and I would much rather do it tomorrow anyway. I love the gift but I think you need to get some rest."

  She chuckled softly, "Here you are. A week after being shot and you are telling me to get some rest?"

  I smiled, "I guess I am."


  I'm laying on the comfy memory foam bed looking up at the ceiling when I heard the soft knock on the bedroom door.

  I looked over at the doorway where Elliot stood giving me a soft smile, "Can I come in?"

  I chuckled, "It's our apartment and our bedroom. I don't think you have to knock."

  He grinned, "Yeah well what kind of boyfriend would I be if I don't leave you alone to let you have that war in your head and try and sort thinks out while staring at something random."

  I rolled my eyes, "I was not doing that."

  He chuckled, "Yeah you totally were."

  I grinned and kicked him as he sat at the bottom of the bed. He leaned back on shock before catching his balance, "I almost fell off the bed."

I laughed, "I saw that."

He smirked, "I think this mean war now."

I raised my eyebrow at him in question, "You think you can beat me?"

He shrugged his shoulders, "We never got to fight."

I bit my lip, "I knew we would have to fight at the time after the fight against Amanda and Sneak Attack, but I didn't think I could be able to do it."

Elliot looked away and ran his hands through his hair and I furrowed my brows at him, "What is it Elliot?"

"Well, I didn't tell you because I thought it wouldn't matter now. I wasn't going to fight you. Did you really think I could ever lay a finger on you in that way Samantha?"

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