The bad boy fights

The bad boy fights

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"And what if I don't Parker?" He asked,   Smirking. I raised an eyebrow and crossed my arms. "I can easily go and tell my dad about-" I was instantly cut off by Zach pressing himself against me on the wall. 

"If you dare tell anyone about that.... Your life... Will. Be. Hell."

Alex is just starting eleventh grade. She isn't popular at all. She a sarcastic nobody with just a couple friends.

But one meeting with the bad boy, and everything changes.

Zach is a hot bad boy that races, fights, has a rude ass attitude, and does anything you can imagine a bad boy doing. He cares for no one but his mom and when Alex comes Into his life, it changes.

Alex doesn't even look at any guy except her crush since eighth grade. She can't get one word in with him.

So she asks Zach for help, knowing he is a confident son of a bitch that knows exactly how to get anyone.

But something happens that brings the two from opposite worlds, to being a lot closer.

And what happens next?

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Ok Emma sounds a lot like me besides the part about dating, but I like basically a new guy every few weeks 😂 but I'm not outgoing at all
ixmeliexi ixmeliexi May 31
Its neighborhood. Sorry for my grammar nazi sense kicking in, its just that my fav band is "the neighbourhood" (has u)
mimi404 mimi404 Jul 17
why does it say tough love when the story is called the bad boy fights?
                              honest question
Legit my brother but he calls asleep cause he goes on his phone 😂
Woah what a last name.....I wish o had a name like that so then I can be like hey my name is Quinn sexton and I love my last name bc it reminds me of how much I enjoy sex 😂😂😂😂lol jk jk
mysteriousgirl389 mysteriousgirl389 Dec 01, 2016
and i the only one that thought of Owen Hunt? Grey's Anatomy anyone? yes no..ok