Sorry for any mistakes :( We are basically at the half of the book! That's crazy!!! If you've read my other book Bad Chick then you know that the book only has 36 chapters and two part Epilogue. This book will for sure be longer because a lot of deep shit will go down. Lol.

Back to the story now...


  I managed to cover up the bruises on my face from Saturday for school on Monday. I got yelled at by Sarah. I knew I would because I didn't talk to her the whole weekend after leaving Saturday morning with a short note. I told her about my parents and she didn't seem convinced though and told me she would have to see it to believe it. She forgave me after I agreed to hang out with her after school.

  I hung out with her the rest of the day and it was fun to have some time with my best friend. I kind of needed her right now.

  Dinner went great on Sunday with Elliot and his niece, Faith. I told my parents how he calls me little fighter or Stephanie. I used the same explanation I did with Sarah. My dad loved Elliot and they talked about his plans in the future. Faith played with me and my mom for awhile while they talked and cleaned up dinner.

  Afterward. I walked with them to drop off Faith at her parents. I got to meet Elliot's wonderful sister. She was shocked because she only ever met Ricky and thought it would stay like that for a while.

   She obviously thought that I was his girlfriend but apologized when I told her the story of how we became good friends. She was shocked about how we've only been friends for a week and I knew this much about him and I was talking to her and playing with her daughter. I couldn't blame her.

  I talked with Elliot at lunch with Sarah and Ricky. It was really different in a good way. The tension disappeared and I felt like Elliot and I have been friends way longer than we have.

  It's now Tuesday morning. I had school and then fights tonight.

   I sighed as I shut my locker and turned around to go to my first class. I headed to class until I heard, "Little fighter?' being called down the hall and eyes were on us. Oh, how I hate being the center of attention here especially when it had to do with Elliot Anderson who I call my friend.

  He smiled at me and everyone moved out of his way but he didn't really care. He just walked over to me and put his arm across my shoulder and started walking with me again.

  "What are you doing, Elliot?" I asked and he smirked down at me.

  "I can't walk little fighter to class and ten minutes early by the way. That's way too early. Please don't tell me you're a nerd little fighter?' he teased and I pushed him making his arm fall off my shoulder and fall down to his side.

  I shrug and walk with him by my side. I glanced at him and he was doing it again. He looked out in the space and looked like he was in deep thought.

  I stopped and walked into an empty class room next to us. He gave me a confused look but still followed me and closed the door once we were both in there.

  "Are you doing okay? You were doing that in deep thought look." I say with worry and he sighs.

  "My parents and I got into an argument this morning about the wedding and my sister. It made me so mad. I hate them and how they talk about Layla like she's not their daughter. It makes no sense since my mom got pregnant with her at 18. It just pisses me off, you know?" He says with anger in his voice.

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