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I have two fights tonight. We have a tournament where the last two Street fighters still standing are in the main event of Warriors Castle which is a big event of Street fighting. Every one competes in the tournament. The two last standing fighters could be from different Street fighting companies or you could go against a fighter from your company.

Last year I was so caught up with the Fight my parents had that I ended up losing my the semi finals fight.

This year I am going to make it to the finals. The winner of the main event is the ultimate street fighting champion.  Winning this means you get a lot of money and bragging rights. I'm the only girl that's ever made it this far and this year I'm not only going to make o to the semi finals, but this year I'm going to win.

The current champion is from our rival company. He had beaten another guy from another company. Randy vicious lost last year too in his semi finals match as well. He lost to the current champion, Sneak Attack.I lost to his opponent so I never fought him either.

His ring name was Sneak Attack. It suited him very well. I've seen him fight and those are the perfect words to describe his fighting.

I walked out of my sixth class of the day. Only one more class I kept telling myself. Then, I can go home, relax, and take a warm bubble bath before going to the arena.

My seventh and last class was the worse class because Elliot was in there. I never really talked to him personally and I try to get out of anything I might actually have to do with him or for him or him for me. I can't stand his presence long enough before I want to kick his cocky ass.

I sat in the back and so did he, two desks between us. I saw Sarah walk in soon after me. She smiles at me and sits down on the seat beside me.

"You won't believe what I found out about!" She exclaimed grinning from ear to ear.

I shrugged, "I don't know. Tell me."

"Well you remember when I told you about the street fighting?"

Oh no, not this again. I tried to steer her out of that direction.

I nodded and said, "Yeah, why?"

"Well, tonight Blue Night is fighting in two tournaments and I got another ticket so you could come with me." She says smiling at me, waiting for my answer.

I bit my lip, "Well, I kind of can't tonight. I have to help my mom clean."

"Really, I thought your mom didn't bother to do it anymore."

"Well she's doing it again and she needs my help."

She gave me a sad frown and then sighed, "Okay, but I'll miss you. Who am I going to give my other ticket to?"

"Bunch of people wanna go there, just ask around." She nodded as the teacher walked in.


  I gave Sarah a smile and hugged her before leaving for my locker. After grabbing some stuff, I headed home.

I walked into the house immediately hit with the strong familiar smell of alcohol and it was completely dirty. The only non-dirty room or at least straightened is my bedroom.

I walked up the stairs to my room. I was happy I had my own bathroom so I didn't have to share a bathroom with them. I start the water and add soap in there, creating bubbles.

I grabbed my head phones, plugged them in, and turned on music as I sat in the warm bubble bath blocking out my mom and dad yelling about stuff as usual.

An hour later I grabbed my black hoodie, my mask, my gloves, my first aid kit, and my water bottle and put it all in my bag. I currently heard my parents snores so I knew they were asleep. I had my blue sports bra on under my black tank top. I had my sweats over top my shorts.

I wouldn't want anyone spotting the familiar fighting attire of the blue Night.

I created my name because I loved the color blue and not just any blue, but the shade of blue in the sky at night. Not midnight pitch black color but when you see the stars and that dark shade of blue is there. That was how I created my name.

I walked out the door and headed to the arena. I went in through the back like all the fighters. It's blocked by two big body guards. The bodyguards are the only ones who have seen my face and it's not like they are gonna tell people or anything. They don't know that I'm Sam and they don't know who Sam is.

"Hey Michael and Brody?"

They waved and Brody says, "Blue Night has entered the building." Into his walkie talkie.

I smiled and took my tank top off and put it in my bag and put my jacket on, the hood up. I left my sweatpants on and put my mask on until I got into my room. I just needed people not to see who I am in the short steps to my room.

I thanked them and I walked to my room with my head down and I closed the door behind me before I locked it. I took my sweats off, put my mask on, and pulled the hood up.

I looked in the mirror as I pulled on my blue and black boots.

I tied them up and I was now ready to fight. Right on time because I heard a knock at the door and a male voice spoke through the door and said, "Blue Night on in three."

I sighed. I didn't fight since last week so all the bruises were basically healed by now. I heard the announcer shout through the microphone.

"Who is ready to see Blue Night Fight?!!"

The crowd cheered as I stretched my legs because I was a little stiff from sitting at school. Then the chants started as I stretched my arms and my shoulders.

"Blue Night fight! Blue Night fight!"

Seconds later my music started up and the announcer yelled, "Ladies and Gentleman! She is the only girl to make it to the semi finals and is hoping to make it to the finals this year! Blue Night!"

The chants got louder as I stepped out and walked towards the ring. I slapped a couple hands of my fans on my way there.

I saw my opponent in the ring already. It was a blonde hair really skinny girl named Amanda. She wore a red crop top with red and white shorts.

I eyed the crowd and saw Sarah chanting with these two girls and these two boys and then Elliot. Just to make her feel special I looked right towards them and half waved and they gasped. I heard her shocked voice say, "Oh my gosh, did she really wave at me?"

I smiled and I saw Eliot smiling, looking at me and I winked. He has been watching forever now and it's become a tradition to wink at him and then he wink back before my match.

I looked at Amanda who looked a little scared. I would be too because this is my first match and the first matches were always easy opponents.

Then the bell rang.

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