Fighter girl

Fighter girl

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I'm a fighter, I fight for the the things I want, I fight for the little family I have, I fight for everything I believe in, but most of all I fight for myself. I fight on the streets where it's not safe, I fight there because I feel free and I can do what I want there. I live for the streets. 

The only problem is I can't be myself all the time, at school I can't be the scary girl that beats up men for fun, no I have to be a low life, a loner, I can't have friends not that I want them. I just can't look like me, I can't act like me, I just can't be me but I know it's for the best. 

My name is Blake Ellie Smith, I may seem like a harmless school girl but that's just my disguise, a straight A student with no friends. 

Mason Hunter, schools bad boy and full of secrets, secrets he hasn't told anyone. Including the secret of him being a street fighter, one of the best. He made a discussion to wear a disguise at the rings instead of at school. He was the bad boy at school and he didn't want to change that. 

What happens when the two best fighters cross paths. It might not end very well. 

lightly edited.

I'm terrible at descriptions, please have a look at my book. Thanks

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AbbiCrabbi AbbiCrabbi Jan 06
I'm learning self defence and I'm almost 13. But not because in case of bad things but because I like the sport. It's fun to fight
WhiskarsElise WhiskarsElise Jun 14, 2017
no chappy is scrappy!!! 
                              well that rhyme was but oh well 
                              YOUR CHAPTERS ARE AMAZING BE RPOUD OF THAT!!
TheQueenSarcasm435 TheQueenSarcasm435 Jul 07, 2017
Aww does the little guy want his mommy? Are u gonna cry boohoo u whore 
                              Cry a river 
                              Build a bridge 
                              And get over it 
                              Thats life for u sweetie
itsRainyHour itsRainyHour Aug 01, 2017
*smirks* *flips hair* gosh I'm like so popular don't even l o o k at me <<<<< that's what I imagined happening and idk why😂
Awkward_Idiot_Af Awkward_Idiot_Af Nov 26, 2017
I'd be sittif there reading nothing can distract me lmao😂
mishanw_1071 mishanw_1071 Mar 22, 2017
Can I just say that the reason i actually clicked on your book was because the cover confused me... HOW THE HELL DO YOU GET BOXING GLOVES INTO JARS?!?!?! 😂😂😂😶😶😶