She stepped forward. Wow was this girl ever trained? She tried throwing a punch but I ducked and punched her once, the red liquid now coming from her nose. I didn't hear a crack so it wasn't as bad, but she didn't give up so I finished her off. I kicked her stomach hard making her fall down and she taps out groaning in pain.

I put my hands down and watched some people help her out of the ring. My arm was raised when the announcer yells, "And your winner, Blue Night!!!"

I heard cheers. I looked back into the crowd. As I scanned the crowd my eyes land on Elliot clapping slowly and smiling amongst the cheering madness.

Then, I saw one of the guys in the crowd next to Sarah grinding up on her. Brody saw my reaction and saw what I was looking at as I got out of the ring and climbed over the gate into the crowd. Michael and Brody blocked people from getting too close enough to me. I ran over to the guy. I turned him around and once he saw me he basically shit his pants which made smirk.

I grabbed his arm bending it and I yelled in his ear over the screaming crowd that was starting to quiet with their eyes on us and I bent his arm more, "Don't touch her or any other girl like that again or you'll be wishing you had your arm back!"

He nodded his head quickly. I heard a little whimper come from him. I grabbed his neck and dragged him to the exit and threw him out.

I turned facing the stunned crowd. I had an angry expression and walked to where Sarah was and asked in my cover up kind of rude voice, "You good?" She nodded slowly and I nodded back. I turn to see Elliot standing there and he didn't look that shocked. I pulled my hood a little bit more over my head.

I turned around and headed for my room. I sighed, luckily I only had one fight left.

I drunk some water. I need to be more cautious about what I do but when it comes to Sarah I don't give a damn about being more cautious. He better be happy he's not dead.

I won my second fight with only one little bruise on my calf because when I went to go kick her she landed the side of her foot on my calf. That got me pissed and I won seconds after.

The next day, I'm now getting ready for school. I have one fight tonight but it'll be easy. It's another easy girl.

I sighed as I saw my mom and dad sleeping on the living room floor. My dad had a bottle of vodka next to him.

I grabbed my bag and headed to the school. It was just my luck that everyone was talking about the street fight last night. I saw Sarah with a crowd of people around her.

"So are you like friends with Blue Night?" One girl asked her.

I rolled my eyes and I heard Sarah tell them the truth, "No, I don't know why she did that, maybe she has a thing about guys doing that to girls or something."

They shrugged and walked away as I walked up to her. Of course all day she was talking about it.

I just faked a surprised reaction and a smile. She drove me home after school. She said she didn't have tickets for tonight. Thank god.

She smiled and hugged me before I left and went inside the house to get ready for the fights tonight.


I was getting ready for tonight in my room at the arena until they told me it was time to go.

I came out to my song and my name. I saw some other students from school and I then saw Elliot as usual. I wondered how he paid for a ticket every night when I was fighting.

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