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**1 Week Later**

"Thank you." I said smiling at the nurse as she helped me out of the bed.

Today, I am leaving the hospital after being here for a long time. I didn't have a thing really against hospitals. Well, not before this. Now, I can't stand another day being here.

My stomach still was a pain in my ass whenever I bent down and did things that would put pressure on my stomach area. That is the exact reason I sat in Elliot's truck as Ricky, Sarah, and him gathered up my things from the house after we left the hospital.

This whole week Elliot apologized a thousand times and asked a thousand questions that I answered.

He was super protective. He yelled at one nurse when they didn't give me water when I asked. The poor nurse almost peed her pants.

I loved it though since I had someone to love and care for me. He was the best. He slept with me every night in the hospital.

He never left or started the day without telling me he loved me. For some one who beats the living shit out of people, he was quite the romantic.

I offered to help with my stuff, but he told me if he saw me get out of the car, he'd stick Blue on me. Blue was his new dog. Well, our dog since we both picked him out. He took pictures on his phone and showed me them so I could pick which one I wanted while I was in the hospital.

He let me name her. He didn't like it at first since it reminded him of what happened, but I knew I wanted to try to keep street fighting as a good memory.

I don't know exactly how he felt about the whole street fighting. I reminded myself to talk to him about it tomorrow after Sarah and Ricky left.

Tomorrow was the big day for me. It was my big 18th birthday. Sarah and Ricky already planned something with Elliot. I could tell just by there secretive glances. All I knew was that they will be coming to mine and Elliot's apartment tomorrow.

I fell asleep after sitting in his truck while he lifted all the stuff from my room and bathroom. We must have taken two trips because when I woke up again, we were back at the apartment and there was more stuff inside then the first drive here.

I smiled at Elliot who looked like he wanted to be stuck in a freezer for a while right now. Drenched in sweat, he gave me a weak smile back.

"Thank you Elliot. This means a lot." I said not caring that he stunk when I engulfed him in a big hug.

I pulled back and brought his lips to mine. I don't think I'll ever get used to the feeling of kissing him. Even after this whole week of sweet pecks and full on confessing love kisses.

This was a little different since we really were alone. Sure we the only ones in my hospital room a lot of times, but we were in a hospital.

He was breathing heavy to begin with after all the lifting and walking back and forth from truck to apartment. Now, he was breathing even heavier when we pulled away to catch our breath.

"Mmm, you taste like blueberries. Did you eat some of mine that I keep in my truck?" He asked gaining control of his breathing again.

I smiled sheepishly, "You took a little while. I got bored and hungry. It's your own fault for telling me your secret hiding spot where you keep your stash of snacks."

He chuckled and put his hand on my chin lifting it up further so I was looking deep in his eyes, "God, I love you."

"Well, I get that a lot." I said walking away from him when he tried to steal another kiss.

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