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I woke up from the sound of people running in Maria and Mark's. I groaned not wanting to wake up and just wanting to go back to sleep. Yesterday was awesome and fun but it was also exhausting.

Maria and Mark headed off for their honeymoon to Paris late last night. Once the reception was over. All five of us went to the airport at night and said their goodbye's before getting on the plane.

Faith was stating here with me and Elliot until Mark's mother would come to pick her up this afternoon. Today was mine and Elliot's last day here before we had to leave tomorrow morning. I wanted to do something fun before going back home where all my problems were at right now.

I got up out of the bed in the guest room where me and Elliot both stayed last night. The blankets on the floor were now folded up. Elliot of course made me sleep on the bed even though I was a tough one to argue with.

I looked into the mirror that was hanging up on the door to pull my hair up into a high ponytail.

I opened the door and stepped out only to be knocked down onto the floor by Elliot. Faith ran pass me and then next think k knew I was being tackled by him. I look up to see Faith standing there with a victory from on her face. I groaned in discomfort as Elliot's whole wait was on me.

He quickly got off of me and stood up glaring at Faith who was now giggling. He looked down at me before holding his hand out and pulling me up in a flash.

Once Faith looked at both me and Elliot glaring at her she stipped laughing and started running again. I glanced at Elliot who was smirking and nodded my head. We both took off running after her sneaky butt around the house.

"Ahh! Okay...Okay...I'm sorry!" I hear faith yell in between fits of laughter.

I walked into the living room to see Elliot laughing while tickling Faith to death.

"Hey! Please....little Fighter you got to help me!" Faith yells as she sees me.

I laugh at her attemp to pronounce little fighter and try to get my help when I am the enemy. I grinned as I kneeled down next to Elliot and joined him with ticking her as she squirmed around laughing even louder.

Eventually we had to stop before she peed herself. Elliot turned to me an shelf his hand up and we high fives with grins of victory plastered on your faces.

We helper Faith get her clothes and stuff ready to stat at her grandmother's while Maria and Mark were on their honeymoon. Once she left I was kind of tired. A little girl can ware me out more than fighting more than one grown man a night.

  Elliot plopped down on the couch next to me. I wondered what we were going to today since we were going he tomorrow morning.

  "Do you have plans for today?" I asked him sitting straight up on the couch and turned facing him.

  He smiled, "Yeah, I actually was thinking about taking you to the big ass Water park close to here."

  I grinned and got up quickly to go grab my bathing suit I brought just in case we did go swimming. Elliot sat on the couch still probably stunned and confused.

  I ran back in the living room still with my grin on my face and plopped down next to him.

  He raised an eyebrow at me, "What the hell was that?"

  I held up my bathing suit, "The longer we take here, the less we have at the water park!" I said with a huge grin on my face.

  He eyed me warily for a few sounds before braking out into a grin and chuckling at my childish behavior. I have never acted like this before. I guess he just had that effect on me. I kind of liked this I'd of me though. To not think about my worries and be happy for atleast a couple of hours.


  "Elliot! I am going to kill you!" I yell as a bunch of water is splashed on to me followed by laughter from him
  I groaned trying to wipe the water from my eyes to see again. After we put our swim suits on and got the things we needed we headed to the water park but ended up coming to the beach after my begging. I have never been on the beach ever and I wanted it to be here with Elliot to experience that.

  He chuckled and guided me closer to shore away from the big waves. He purposely held Mr in place when the big ass wave came making me get smashed with sea water.

  Once I could actually open my eyes again I splashed Elliot's amused face with water. That is how we started this year war for about hours before he gave in. Take that, Elliot!

  I chuckled as he tried to get sand out of his hair as we walked up to wahere out towels were laying in the sand. I held him down under water getting sand in his hair.

  He glanced at my grinmkmg self and pushed me to the side playfully, "It's not funny."

  I laugh, "I find quite hilarious."

  He rolled his eyes and grabbed his towel wiping off next to me as I do the same. He throws the towel back into the bag we brought before sitting down know the towels we layed out. I copied him and looked at the ocean and how it looked like it never ended.

  I couldn't help my thoughts from going back to home where all my problems are. Next Friday was only nine days away. Nine days until Warrior's Castle. None days until I have to fight Elliot and he doesn't know it.

  I turn my head to look at Elliot who is staring at the waves coming up on shore with his mouth in straight line and his eyebrows furrowed in deep thought. I can't imagine fighting him. It would be so much harder for me since I would be fighting my best friend. To him, he's only fighting Blue Night.

  Be must have noticed me staring cause he turns to look at me, "What are you thinking about?" I ask.

  He sighs an floors back at the waves, "You know that Warrior's Castle is on Friday right?" he asks and I simply nod my head.

  "Well, I am going up against Blue Night for the championship after I am going to be her partner against Sneak Attack and that Amanda girl. I...I don't what it is but I really don't want to do it. I have been working hard to win it but now that I have to be going against her. I don't want to for a reason I don't know just yet. I knew that I eventually would have to  fight her but now it's like something tells me not to."

  He clasp and unclasps his hands so I grab his hand and intertwine out fingers squeezing it a little. He glances at our hands and back at me. I give him a reassuring smile that he returns.

  "It was nice to get away from that for a couple of days with you and my real family here." He squeezes my hand "My only real family back home is Ricky" he says all honestly in his words.

  Without thinking or saying anything, I pull him into a hug. After a while be realized what is going on and wraps his arms around me squeezing me a little.

  I stand back up and hold my hand out for him, "come on, we leave tomorrow morning so we better our time here the best we can. Plus I do want to kick your ass in a little splash war again."

  He chuckles and puts his hand in mine and lets me help him up. We walk back to the water ready for round two splash war that sadly he won but still cheated.


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