Chapter 8!!!!! I hope you enjoy :)

Two hours had Past when I spoke to Elliot in the kitchen. Most of the time we sat in silence and then Ricky walked in with Sarah and they were both drunk as hell.

I was so mad at Sarah. Her mom is going to kill us.

Elliot didn't drink at all except for a cup full before he came up to me. We were both basically sober and it seemed like we were the only ones in the house not drunk. Who would have thought me and Elliot be the two sober ones?

Elliot took his friend up to his room. He left him in there passed out while I tried keeping Sarah up.

"I'm so tired. You're supposed to me my best friend and you won't let me take a nap." She said stuttering her words and falling down again and I sighed a frustrating sigh before Elliot helped me get her up and we walked her to one of Ricky's spare rooms.

She instantly fell asleep after I pulled the covers over her. I walked out the door closing the door gently behind me.

There were still people everywhere all over the house. I looked over at Elliot and he nodded, "Help me clear the house."

I nodded and walked up the stairs as I heard Elliot yell from down stairs telling them that the party was over.

I heard people groan and then finally leave.

I walked down the upstairs hallway looking in each of the rooms. There were 4 rooms and two bathrooms. A girl walked out of the bathroom and I told her the party was over and she just walked down stairs and out the door with everyone else.

I looked into 3 of the rooms and the other bathroom. Only about 8 people were drinking and sitting in a circle in one of the rooms, but they left as well once I told them the party was over.

The last room came up at the end of the hall way and I opened the door to a girl half naked and a boy with no shirt on and they were making out. They were definitely going to have sex but they groaned and collected their clothes and left as well.

I walked down the steps exhausted and I bumped into a hard chest. I looked up to see Elliot.

"Clear?" He asked me backing up and I nodded, "Clear down here?"

He nodded, "Just Ricky, Your friend, me, and you here." I nodded again.

"She can stay here tonight. Ricky liked her anyway so he wouldn't mind a bit."

"Good, now I just have to call her mom and say we are staying at my house."

"Wouldn't her mom want to talk to your mom?"

"No. Is it fine if I stay here tonight as well?"

He nodded but then asked, "Wouldn't your mom want to know where you're at?"

Its sad to say that the thought almost made me laugh but I just said, "No, I doubt she even noticed I didn't come in."

He looked at me confused and scanned my face but then just nodded.

"Well you should get home and get some rest." I said looking at him.

"No way little fighter, I'm staying here tonight."

"Were you planning to stay or are you just saying that because I'm staying tonight."

"Actually I was planning to stay. My house is huge and lonely. My dad is away on another business trip and my mom left when I was two. So, I am staying with Ricky until my dad gets back in a week."

I nodded and I wanted to ask what his emotions were behind his whole parent situation but I didn't say a word. Maybe that's why he fights?

I cleared my head of those thoughts as he started walking to the radio.

"What are you doing?" I asked curious.

"Well, we didn't get our party time and I didn't get my dance I wanted."

"I am fine without a party and I never agreed to a dance."

He chuckled, "Oh I know you didn't."

I laughed at the goofy grin on his face. This can't be the bad boy and player Elliot Anderson. How the hell is this the vicious Street fighter Randy Viscous.

"Where are Ricky's parents at?" I asked as he searched through the music by the radio.

"They have their own separate house and let him have this house to call his own but he really only uses it for parties and to hang out in."

I nodded. I should do that but then again I couldn't leave my parents no matter how much of ass holes they were. I did love them.

He picked a CD and pressed play. Then I heard the music coming out from the speakers but more quiet then it was with the people here so it wouldn't wake up Ricky or Sarah.

(Play the song now)

He grinned that Goofy grin again as he danced his way over to me making me laugh as he made his way over to me.

He danced around me trying to get me to dance as I giggled and finally gave in and swayed my hips to the music with him.

He wasn't grinding on me or even had his Hands on me. He just was dancing in front of me grinning as we danced together.

He stepped back as the music stepped up and bounced on his legs as he gave me space to do a little 'solo' dance and I didn't care cause it was just me and him here so I danced my heart out. I swayed my hips and pulled my arms in the air and then brought them down as I rolled my body to the song as he grinned at me.

I chuckled as I flipped my hair and he chuckled with me and I stepped back giving him space to dance. He raised his eyebrows and smirked at the competition I was putting out there and he definitely took it.

He laughed with me as he first did a funny disco dance then he rolled his body and tugged at his shirt. He showed off his oh so amazing abs and then he moved closer to me dancing too and I giggled as he grinned at me as the music played he put his hands on my hips but, we still had space between us. We swayed our hips and danced to the song. Gosh it was so catchy and I don't know if it was him or the song but I just wanted to dance and have a fun time. For the first time in a very long time. Grinning as I danced with Elliot. Something I never thought would happen.

"Jackie and Wilson raise them on rythem and blues!" We sang together as we danced.

This was the most fun I had in a while and I hope he enjoyed my company too.

We Danced until we were both sweating and we collapsed on to the cold floor of the living room breathing heavy. We stared at the ceiling before he and I turned our heads and started laughing so hard.

Oh, why do I have to like him. Why did I have to like Randy Vicious? Why did Blue Night have to know Randy Viscous? Why can't this be a normal friendship?

The thought occurred in my head, it never will be.

*I hope you like this chapter. It was fun to write!*

Song title - Jackie and Wilson by hozier

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