Sarah and I hung out all day. We went out to eat lunch at a restaurant down the street and we just walked the streets talking about different things like her crushes and her exes. She also tried to set me up with people but I obviously denied.

It was a touchy subject but the only person who knows and I told about Landon was Sarah.

He was my only boyfriend ever. I was 15 and about to be 16 when we started talking. He was the cool, popular kid in school in his Junior year of school while I was in my freshman year. We met on his 17th birthday.

He was walking down the hall to lunch as I was going to class. He was usually around a whole group of boys when I saw him. He wasn't with anybody as he basically was running down the hallway to the lunch room.

The hall was empty and I had been late for for school because my mom made me buy my dad some pain killers.

She had apologized to me about making me late for school but I was still mad that I would have to go in late.

He rammed into me as I was looking down at my books. I watched my books fall out of my arms and fall to the floor beside me. I fell down and landed on my bottom.

I winced in pain when I tried to get back up because I hit my elbow on the hard floor, it hurt like a bitch.

"Oh my god, I am so sorry I was just...I mean..ugh here let me help you up." He said as he reached his hand to me and I put my hand in his as he pulled me up in a flash. He scratched the back of his neck and I just rolled my eyes and bent down to pick up my books that were all over the floor.

I felt his hand lift up the same folder I was picking up. He bit his lip and chuckled a little, but let me pick it up.

I was still in a bad mood because of the whole thing with that morning getting pain killers and I shot a nasty comment at him, "Aren't you supposed to be in the lunch room not running into people? Let me ask you a Question, Is it because you think you run these halls because you don't and one day you are going to get your ass kicked when you don't watch. Where. You're. Going."

He looked at me with wide eyes and stood there with shock written all over his face that soon turned to anger and a glare towards me.

"Well sorry but maybe someone shouldn't get in my way or this wouldn't have happened!" He said glaring down at me. He was taller then me for sure. If I stood next to him I would only come up to his neck.

I glared back at him and it became a staring contest until he leaned closer to me and I blinked. He smiled big and I pushed him back with my hands on his chest. He chuckled at me and I tried hard not to slap him.

"I'll see you around, Sam" he had glanced at my binder to see my name and when he was out of sight I couldn't stop the short smile that came to my lips.

After a week we went out on a date. He was perfect that night. He also gave me my first kiss afterwards. It was just a short sweet kiss on the lips but it was everything to me back then.

We started going out and talking on the phone all the time until he asked me to be his girlfriend and at first I wanted to say no because what would his friends think of him dating a freshman.

He told me he didn't care and those people weren't his real friends. His real friends were in the football team with him. They understood our relationship and didn't nag him or tell him he shouldn't be dating a freshman. We soon became a group of friends and I barely had time to be with Sarah.

I always apologized and she would forgive me but I always felt bad.

Me and Landon had been dating for months that summer when I was now a sophomore and him a senior.

We were always around each other and he would always give me a goodnight and good morning kiss.

His dad was really controlling and he wanted him to focus on his foot ball career. Soon after his dad got in his head and he kept pushing me away. It was like we weren't a couple anymore. He left and it crushed me when he went to football camp at the end of his senior year. I tried to move on but it was hard.

He came back into town at the end of that summer to get all his things he needs and goodbyes before he went to college on the other side of the country.

Once I saw him after 5 months standing at door with his hands in his pockets looking nervous I swung the door open and jumped into his arms and after awhile of shock he hugged me too rubbing his hand up and down my back.

The momment was short lived because the next thing I knew he saying goodbye for good. He had told me he probably will never see me again. He was off to college and hopefully the NFL.

The last words he said to me before he kissed my cheek and leaving with a tear rolling down his cheek and my eyes already stained with tears had crushed me even more.

"I really do love you Sam and I'm sorry."

That was last thing he ever said to me in a year and 1/2 and the last time he had saw me.

I was crushed but eventually Sarah pulled me out of my funk and I was my old self again around the middle of junior year.

I knew Elliot because he came on the football team in freshman year and Landon had told me how good he was and he would eventually be passed down to be the team captain and Landon did give him that when he left.

That made me wonder. He is a football player and a fighter. No wonder he was so strong and fit.

I wouldn't be able to do both of them.

I had started fighting around the time Landon first left to go to football camp and he came back right before my first match as a street fighter.

Ever since them I was Blue Night and I never would of thought that anyone could find out about my real identity and I for sure didn't expect Randy Vicious to be Elliot Anderson.

What was his story?

We headed back to Sarah's house to get ready to go to the party.

She first put her outfit on which was a black, tight, strapless dress that came down to above her knees.

She looked sexy and I kind of knew I needed to be around her with all the guys she'll have eye raping her.

She then made me change. I put the dress on quickly and sat down in her desk chair as she did my makeup.

I did my hair when she did her own makeup and hair. After an hour or two we were ready and just on time.

Sarah put on a long jacket so her mom wouldn't freak out. When we came down stairs Sarah's mom turned around to the noise of our heels.

She frowned, "You two better not drank tonight."

Sarah nodded, "We won't even have a sip of a drink, I promise. I know it's a school night and I'll be back around 10:30 mom."

She sighed before hugging Sarah and then me giving us the car keys.

Sarah had her licence and so did I but I preferred to walk. I definitely had the money to buy one. Sarah didn't have the money and neither did her parents.

I decided I would have to get her one for her 18th birthday as we got in the car and headed to the party. Why did I agree to this again?

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