Protecting the bad boy

Protecting the bad boy

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I'm amazing By toxic_girl2002 Updated Oct 23, 2017

Alex Brooks and before you might ask. No alex is not a boy she's a girl. 

And the baddest one of them all 

No she's not an FBI agent or she doesn't work for the CIA or something. She's the total opposite, she runs a gang

When alex was kicked out of her home by her mom at the age of 15, being on the streets homeless, hungry, tired and the most important one, weak, was difficult.

When once alex was walking around at night she found herself in quite a situation which caused her to leave with a gang leader. 

Named blake

This leader was like a father to her, he taught her how to fight, work guns, and turned her into a full killer machine then alex gets the gang passed down to her and once when she comes back from a mission she found out that blake, who saved her has a nephew 

And that is no other than luke ray 

Hes a player, breaking girls hearts and using them like a tissue and throwing them away like they are absolutely nothing.

But what happens when blake finds out some rival gangs are after luke and he tells alex she needs to protect luke before he gets kidnapped

But the worst thing is 

She has to go as a new girl 

No one will know who she really is or what she really does 

But shit goes down when luke gets suspicious and is determined to find out who alex is, even if it meant blowing his reputation....

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