Chapter 9

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My fist connected with the beat up punching bag. It was Monday morning. It was currently 5:33 AM and I had went straight to the gym in the morning to let out all the emotions from last night.

After dancing all night and laughing we were tired and he went up the stairs to the last bedroom and I followed. He had told me I could sleep in there and then he left to the first bedroom by the stairs.

I had drifted off to sleep around 1:00 Am and I got up at 4:15. I left quickly and quietly living a little note for Sarah telling her what happened last night and that I'll see her at school tomorrow.

I left to my house and grabbed my gym bag before heading to the gym in the arena.

I was wearing my attire and I just hoped no one came in here. I had my music blaring and punching the bag as hard as I could thinking about my past and my present. My past with Landon and my present with Elliot or Randy Vicious. My parents were past and present and they were the main reason I fought in street fighting.

After a while I stopped and was breathing heavy. I took a couple gulps of water before grabbing my bag after wiping my sweat off the best I could.

I walked back to my house. Once I was back in my room I took my sweaty gym clothes off and  grabbed my clothes for school. Once I was done I glanced at the clock.

It was 7:15 and the door to my school doesn't even open until 7:45 but I walk so I left after brushing through my dark hair.

I loved to see the people coming out their houses in our neighborhood. They were either students going to school or people going to work. I also loved the smell in the morning. There was no way to describe what it smelt like. It was a mix of smells but it was really great to get fresh air in the morning.

Once I was in the school it was 7:48 and I was just in time.

I walked down the hall and to the left to get to my locker. Before I could even open my locker Sarah came up to me holding her books.

"Okay, I got your note and I can't believe I slept over at Ricky's house and you did too with Elliot Anderson!"

I rolled my eyes, "Yeah, we did and you got hammered with Ricky. Me and Elliot stayed sober and put you two down and then we both fell asleep."

"I wonder if we'll be popular now and get a bunch of girls angry at us?"

I laughed at her, "Yeah, like I would really talk to them that much again. It was just a one night thing to put you two drunk children to bed before you kill your selves."

She laughed with me and we headed to class.


Lunch time rolled around after third period. Thank goodness, I'm starving.

Sarah and I walked over to my locker where I grabbed some money and we headed to the lunch room.

Once I got my food I went to sit down where me and Sarah usually sit down while she went back to her locker because she forgot she just put her money in there. Sarah always forget things like that.

I smiled just thinking about it as I took a bite of my pizza. I was thinking about my fight tonight and wondering how Randy will react to me not showing up. I mean I know that Elliot was pissed but he was covering up because I was not Blue Night or someone who knows that he's Randy Viscous but I don't know how he'll react to Blue Night Tonight. I am not scared of him, but I know that I don't want to be on his bad side right now especially if we want to win.

Someone sitting next to me stopped my train of thought and I thought it was Sarah back after getting her money and food but when I looked over I saw the deep gray eyes of Elliot and then came Ricky who sat across from him. Speak of the devil. I gave them a confused look. Why the hell are they here? Don't they know people will stare? I don't really want to deal with all this now.

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