Chapter 40

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Sam's POV

  I groaned in pain loudly, she kept hammering at the one spot causing me pain. This was the only upper hand she had on me the whole fight. I couldn't see Elliot or Sneak Attack, but judging by the grunts I could hear from Elliot, he was beating the shit out of Sneak Attack. I moved out of the way before she could back me in a corner.

  I kept hammering away beating her down before I start to guard myself with her infinite hits she flew at me. I kept blocking, letting her get weaker and weaker.

  I held my arms up in front of my face, but she distracted me aiming for my stomach than going straight for my face. I winced in pain once I touched my nose gently. The red substance stained my finger from my nose. I groaned in frustration wiping my nose with my arm before whipping back around to her. She smirked at me getting me more pissed off which was bad for her.

  "You will regret that bitch!" I shout over the shouts and very choice words of the crowd sending her a glare so she knew I meant business now.

  She was getting worn out and I knew that even if she tried to make it look like she was fine and ready for another blow of my fists. I started hammering away again knowing that I would get at least one good hit in. I knew I did when she hunched over crying out in pain, holding her stomach.

  She hissed as she stood back up again and gave me another dangerous glare. She looked so pissed that if we were a cartoon, she would have steam coming out of her ears. That was exactly why I wanted to get the upper hand and eventually beat her.

  I let her back me up in a corner this time and blocked most of her vicious hits. I endured the pain of the hits she managed to sneak on me. I watched her get more and more tired though. I pushed her back delivering a good punch that possibly dislocated her jaw.

  She cried out as I went in for the kill. She managed to block some of my hammering fists and kicks I sent to her side. Once she pushed me back I took a breath feeling the pain in my side as I did breath.

  I took a second to glance at Elliot who was hammering away at Sneak Attack as he backed him up in the opposite corner. I  could see a faint movement of Sneak attack's lips like he was saying something, but he was looking at someone behind me, Amanda. I furrowed my brows in confusion and whipped back around in curiosity.

  I was surprised to what I turned around to. It was the most physical pain I have ever felt. The bullet was in me before I could even make out the loud bang!

  I screamed out in pain falling to my knees looking at the gun pointed at me fall to the mat and Amanda followed by Sneak Attack run off. I suddenly saw all the screaming people in the crowd become blurry. The last thing I saw was Elliot kneel down in front of me. He was screaming gently laying me down.

  "Samantha! Little Fighter, No!" He screamed as I felt the wetness of his tears fall on my hoodie that was moved out of the way, I felt him wrap something around it putting pressure on the gun shot wound.

  The last thing I heard before I blacked out was Elliot crying out and telling me how sorry he was and blaming himself.

|Elliot's POV|

  I didn't pay attention to Samantha once we started fighting. I headed straight towards Sneak Attack hoping to take all my emotions out on him. Just before the fight, I actually watched Blue Night pull her mask off and pull her hoodie down facing me. For what felt like forever, I was dying for that moment to happen so I could really see who this bad ass girl was.

  Before Little fighter, the only girl having my full attention was Blue Night, but then she did come along and I fell in love with her. For a little while I felt like I was in love with two different women, but turns out it was the same girl. She was obviously perfect for me and I don't know why I pushed her away, but I just couldn't imagine my sweet Little fighter as Blue Night.

  I loved Samantha, both sides of her. I thought about that night when I found out who she was, delivering blow by blow to Sneak Attack trying to get the thought of me finding out that way and not from her out of my head. I was bleeding just a little less than sneak Attack as we hammered away at each other when I heard it. I covered my ears at the loud, clear bang!

  I turned to face Amanda and Samantha, but what I saw immediately made me fall to my knees in front of Samantha. My eyes went down to the gun shot wound. The blood that was coming out of her as she fell down fluttering her eyes, had me yell out and rip off her jacket leaving her in her fighting sports bra, forcing myself not to look at the wound. I wrapped it around her and put pressure on her wound. I didn't care if people knew who she was now. I didn't care if the whole school found out by tomorrow because the only thing I cared about was little fighter not leaving me alone in this cruel world.

  "No! Don't leave me Samantha! Little fighter!" I cried out and caressed her soft cheek.

  My lips wobbled from my crying. This was the first time I cried for a girl like this, for love. I cried when my sister left, but this felt worse. My sister is happy now, but Samantha might never be happy again, because she'd be dead.

  Even though she couldn't hear, I grabbed her body and pulled it closer to me, "I love you." I whispered rubbing her back crying on her shoulder again.

  I quickly sobered up the best I could and picked her up bridal style. I jumped out of the ring and ran to the back passing all the other fighter who had wide eyes. I passed Brody who was one of the security guards and ran outside. I looked around trying to remember where I parked.

  "Fuck it." I said and started to run towards the hospital on feet. I ran the fastest I ever ran, her in my arms looking so broken lying unconscious.

  I eventually got there ten minutes later breathing heavy. I ran inside, "Help! Help!" I shouted and a few doctors and nurses ran over to me taking her from me and putting her on a stretcher. I tried to go with them but a doctor held me back, "We have her now and I can assure you that we will try our best."

  I glare at the back of his head as he walked between the double doors with the otherd holding my Little Fighter's life in their hands.

  I breathed out through my nose sitting down on one of the blue seats they have for people waiting. I ran my hand through my hair in frustration. I would have to sit her and wait to find out if she's going to be fine. The time was a perfect to think of all the possibility. Most of, No all of the were bad ones.

  I would have to wait to find out and with these thoughts in my mind I let the first tear fall. I tried to hold back more from falling and wiped the single tear away not waning my cheeks to be tear stained and glistening, but I couldn't stop. I hung my head in my hands and silently let the tears come, my shoulders shaking a little every once in  while with the image of her grinning at me in my head.

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