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I walked into the quiet house. I look in the living room not to see my parents passed out and it actually being clean.

I guess this is a new record. I walk down the hallway and open my parents door to their bedroom. I am quiet to not wake them. I see what haven't seen in almost four years. My mom and my dad were laying in the queen sized matress together.y das his arms around my mom as she slept peaceful in his arms. I couldn't hide a little smile but it soon faded and I closed the door and made my way up to my room.

I can't get my hopes up no matter what because I have done that before and it just made me hurt more.

Once I'm in my room I unzip my hoodie that I officially have had on for 5 hours now. Then I take off my eye mask and sit it down on my dresser as I put my hoodie in my hamper.

I stood in front of the mirror with my blue sports bra and some grey fit leggings that came down to under my knees.

I saw a red print on my right cheek and a bruise forming on my jaw line. It wasn't that big so it would be easy to cover up with makeup at school on Monday.

I stripped and ran the water in the shower. I cleaned off in the cold water that felt refreshing. I went to bed thinking about how I wanted it so bad to win that championship and that tag fight with Elliot becase I know when I win... I'll feel like I'm finally worth something.


I woke up early in the morning and got dressed with my black sports bra and my black pants the same as yesterday. I grabbed my other hoodie that's clean and pit it on. I grabbed my hamper to clean my clothes before I went to training with Elliot.

When I was down the stairs I heard rustling sounds from the kitchen.

I put the hamper down by the steps and walked into the kitchen to see my father sitting at the table and eating a sandwich. He had a suit on and he looks like he shaved.

He looked over at me and smiled.

"What's going on? Why are you up so early?" I ask and sat down at the table facing him.

"I have a job interview and be a little quiet because your mother is still asleep and I don't want her awake. She needs her rest after yesterday."

I stared at him in shock. He had the nerve to chuckle at me.

"I know you're surprised but I really sobered up two days ago. I haven't had anything to drink since then. I decided that I can't let your mom take care and never get rest or a job to pay anything. We weren't a real family or at least a decent family because of me so I had made a huge decision and I intend to stick to it. Whatever you may think... I do love you and your mother with all my heart."

He stood up and put his arms out and I stood up slowly and he wrapped his arms around me. I felt tense because I haven't hugged my father in forever but I eventually let go and hugged my dad.

I gave him a smile as he pulled back and he kissed my forehead.

"Now, tell your mother I love her and I'll see her in two hours or more." He said grabbing some money off the table.

I knew he was taking a cab and I felt like I wanted to give him money for it. It's kind of my instincts now.

"Too late because I'm awake." My dad and I turned our heads to my sleepy mother. She had her robe on and I could rember her wearing her robe and making pancakes in the morning as dad went to work when I was about to go to highschool for my last day of my first week of freshman year.

Then it all changed.

My dad smiled back at her and kissed her on the lips quickly before giving me a small smile and went out the door for his job interview.

I looked back at my mom and she gave me a smile. I smiled back at her because I knew she was going to make me pancakes again.

"I have to clean my clothes and then I am leaving to go with a friend. I won't be back until 4:00 though." I tell her as she grabs all the materials.

"Oh no I am doing your laundry and I hope you have a good day. We are going to have dinner tonight once I go to the store. She turns back around Pulls out money from her pocket. It was in total $8.32 and it killed me to see her frown.

I knew she would try to object but I grabbed a $50 bill from my pocket and put it in front of her on the counter.

She was about to say something before I cut her off, " Before you say anything. Take it because I know I won't have to pay for things after dad gets a job. But for now let me be your daughter and help out my mom and dad."

She nods after a while and pulls me into a hug.


I walked into he arena and from the back door and then walked over to the gym to open those double doors ready for what Elliot had in store for me.

Elliot was sitting on the bench, he had his phone in his hands. He wore black shorts and a loose red T-shirt.

I stood there staring at him texting on his phone with my bag still on my arm.

Not a second later I felt my phone vibrate in my bag. Was Elliot sending me a text message? Well, Stephanie a message.

He looked up to see me standing there and thank God he didn't hear it. I walked over to the bench in the opposite side of the gym and put my Bag down.

I sat down and tied up my shoes. I looked back up at him when I was finished.

"So, what do you have in store today? Cause in my personal opinion we should take it slow."

He nodded and grabbed his gloves and we got into the ring with my knuckles wrapped up with tape. I unzipped my hoodie and exposed my torso. He took off his shirt and threw it to the side near his stuff on the bench.

I could see his stitched up cut on his upper arm. I felt a little bad and wanted to go easy. He really shouldn't be fighting right now.

He was the first to throw a punch and I caught it and flipped him making him land on the ground . He sucked air through his teeth as I pulled him back up.

I noticed how he would give weak punches with his arm with the cut. I stopped his punch mid way and grabbed his other wrist.

I looked into his eyes and gave him a stern look, "You need to rest and let it heal for your fights on Tuesday."

He looks back at me for a while without an answer even though I made it clear that it was a statement not a question. He finally nodded and we got out of the ring.

He walked over to his stuff and sat down looking over to me.

"You can watch me and give me tips or something. "

He just nodds and I slip on my red boxing gloves. Something tells me I need to get a plan on how to control these three lives I'm living. Cause, it's getting pretty fucking annoying.

I hope you like this chapter :)

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