We parked across the street from Ricky's house that had people coming in and some already coming out trying to hold their selves up. They greeted the people coming in and most of the people I saw were already drunk.

Curse you Sarah for making me come here tonight.

"Are we going in or not? Come on Sam!"

I sighed and nodded as we got out of the car. I pulled my dress a little and shifted in it uncomfortable. This is how those sluts and school feel but worse?

 This is how those sluts and school feel but worse?

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(Sam's outfit)

I walked next to Sarah as we walked up the front steps to his house and towards the door that was wide open shoeing off people with cups in their hands walking past the door searching for someone.

I sighed as we stepped into the house. The first thing I noticed was the blaring music. It was so loud. Ricky's lucky that he lives no where near anyone else. That is one of the things I noticed on our way here. There would be a lot of angry neighbors.

I looked to my side and Sarah wasn't there anymore and then my eyes caught her giggling at something Ricky said and I noticed a wide grin on his face as he leaned into her and whispered something in her ear that i definitely couldn't hear with the music playing but I saw her blush and turn flustered.

I rolled my eyes at the scene and walked over to the drink table. There were stacks of plastic cups and a wide variety of drinks. Mostly alcohol.

I took a two liter bottle of Pepsi and filled my cup up. I enjoyed the sizzle in my mouth as I gulped it down.

I walked over to a corner of the living room where everyone was 'dancing' or as I call dry humping.

I laughed at some of the girls. They looked so desperate. I took another sip of my Pepsi as I felt somebody lean against the wall next to me, "It is kind of funny when you look at it, right?"

I nodded as my lips were still on the rim of my cup. I hadn't even looked up from my cup not caring who it was.

"What's tour name?" The person asked and I finally looked up and saw his eyes on me. Elliot freaking Anderson.

I almost choked on my drink but I managed to only cough it off once.

He raised an eyebrow at me, "Are you good, no name?"

I just rolled my eyes and took another sip of my drink.

"No name then?" He asked with my new yes still on my drink.

I nodded and pulled a sarcastic smile before taking a big gulp of my drink leaving my cup empty.

He Chuckled and I just glared up at him. Before I had a second to react he had me pressed against the wall with his palms flat on the wall on either side of my body trapping me. He was so close that the tips of our noses were touching.

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