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Semi finals Part 2!!!

I stood in the very back as the fight started so he couldn't see me. I cringed everytime Sneak Attack would get a good hit on him. Right now it was even with the two getting just as much hits and opportunities.

I can just see Elliot picturing his parent kicking out his sister. Her pregnant teenage sister on her own without any parents. I know he is under a lot of pressure from holding his reputation at school. It's all an act from his real life cause his real life was shit.

I guess that's what attracted me to him. We are alike in so many ways but we are also different with our own reasons to fight. What I loved about him is the way he tested the ones he cared about, showing them how much he cared. I am just lucky I'm on that list now.

As Elliot gets the upper hand and is now sending a bunch punches and uppercuts to his face and the crowd erupted, I felt guilty. I was holding the biggest secret from him even though he told me everything. He even tild me about him being Randy Visous.

I knew that if I did tell him now, it would ruin our strong bond we have made. Seeing that Elliot could win this fight just makes me more nervous. I can't fight him.. he's like my best friend. I can't fight him after being his partner at Warrior's Castle.

I don't want him to lose because then he will be down and I hate seeing him like that. I also don't want him to win because then it would me and him for the championship at Warrior's Castle.

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Elliot has the upper hand and is brutally hammering him in the gut. Elliot delivers one really good ping to his jaw making whip his head to right. I see the blood come from Sneak Attack's mouth.

I see some of the crowd cringe but not me. I have felt with this for years now and you get used to a little blood.

People are cheering Elliot's name and other booing at him. The crowd was split with Elliot's and Sneak Attack's fans. I take a deep breath and find myself biting my finger nails.

The brutal fight has been going on for thirty minutes now and I can see it come to an end soon. Right now it looks like Elliot will win and that just makes me more nervous.

Then, Sneak Attack gets the upper hand for the first time through our the fight. He back him up in the corner a delivers a bunch of blows to him.

"No, no, no." I barley whisper.

My best friend instincts kick in and I want him to win because he's worked so hard for it. I forget about me and him fighting if he does win and just silently encourage him. Block him, Come on get out the corner!

I can see him slowly braking and his nose leaking of blood now. I look around and make my decision.

I take a deep breath. I shouldn't be doing this but what the hell?

I slowly push throw the crowd making my way to the front. I get showed from left to right but still push throw until I am finally in the front and pushed up against the gate that blocks the crowd from the ring.

I am breathing heavy and it's hot but I manage to shout for Elliot.

"Randy, Randy!" I yell but there is no reply.

The corner is right in front of me. I can see Elliot crouched and jammed into the corner as Sneak Attack still hits him with blow after blow. Sneak Attack looks like he is ready to kill as his muscles hard as he hits and hits and hits with his strength.

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