I yawned as I crawled out of bed and glanced at my alarm clock and in big, bold, red numbers it read 5:20. I grabbed a tank top and a pair of shorts and my headphones. I put my sneakers on and my headphones blasted with music in my ears.

   I ran for an hour before I got in the shower and got ready for school. It's Friday and I don't have a fight tonight. Not until this Tuesday and I had practice with Randy tomorrow which is Saturday and Sunday.

  I walked into the double doors and to my locker.

  I walked to first period wondering why Sarah hadn't came up to me and walked with me there like she does almost everyday.

  Well, she does have a boyfriend now and I have to get used to her being a little late because of steamy make out sessions.

  When she walked into class five minutes later, my guess was obviously right. Her lips were red and swollen. Her hair was frizzy and she had a smirk on her face probably remembering what occurred.

  I rolled my eyes and pay attention to the teacher as she starts the lesson.


  "We are so gonna kick ass!" Sarah said as we got dressed in the gym locker room.

  I laughed but nodded my head in agreement. We have had two gym classes together so far and we haven't gotten to play Dodgeball yet. We finally are today and she's pretty hyped.

  I hear the loud blowing whistle signaling for us to go into the gym so me and Sarah walk into the gym with the rest of the girls and the boys walked out from the boys locker room. Everything was the same until he walked out.

  He was wearing the gym uniform and he managed to look good in it. What the hell?!

  He must have switched classes because he handed the gym teacher the slip and she nodded.

  We all got lined up as she explained the game of Dodge ball and the rules.

  "Now for your team captions, I will close my eyes and run my hand over the list of students in this class. The two I land on are team captions.

  She closed her eyes and ran her finger up and down the list and stopped. I braced myself. I hope it wasn't someone that wouldn't pick me or something.

  "Sarah Fields!" She said and Sarah had a huge grin on her face giving me a thumbs up and I bit my lip to stop myself from laughing at this.

  "And......Elliot Anderson!" She said doing the same thing.

  Sarah looked at me and I shrugged. She wanted me to be on her team anyway and I didn't really want to be caption.

  "Elliot pick one person and then Sarah and repeat." She said and I looked over at Elliot waiting for him to pick his first person and then I can go on Sarah's team.

   His eyes met mine and he looked like he was mapping out something in his head before he said, "Dan"

  I sighed a relief then I realized we were against eachother. Sarah called my name with a grin and I high five her and stand next to her.

  "I wish my boyfriend could be in my gym class." Sarah said as our team of 12 walked over to our side.

   I looked at her confused, "Who's boyfriend is in their gym class?"

  She rolled her eyes, "You have Elliot!"

  My eyes widened, "Sarah, believe me right now. Me and Eliot are not together and never will be."

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