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Chapter 15!!!!

I walked out the gym after six hours of training with Elliot. It was now around 1:30 and I was hungry. I only had two hours to myself before we go back to training at 4:00 PM.

I walked out before him and he stayed in. I guess he wants to eat in the gym.

I walked down my street a few minutes later. I wondered how my parents little help become a better person thing going? I laugh bitterly just thinking about it.

I made my way down my path way to my house and opened the front door. The smell of the pancakes still lingers after six hours.

I walked into the living room and the TV is off and no one is in there so I walk into the kitchen to see it empty and clean. Mom must have wiped off the counters. I open the fridge and see it not empty bit have a little bit of food in there. First time in forever. The only food or drink that went in there was my take out left overs or beer bottles and cans.

Now there is no beer in sight and not just my leftovers. It's not that much food. I mean, they don't have jobs so I don't expect them to buy a whole lot.

I close the fridge and walk down hallway looking into my mom and my dad's room. It's closed so I knock on it. There is no response so I open it and look inside. I haven't been in there room since maybe a month from now and it had bottles every where and clothes everywhere. It smelt like straight up beer.

Now all I smelt was a cherry smell of perfume. My mom never wore perfume. She never went anywhere except to get drinks. I look around to their now clean room. What the hell is going on?!

I know she said they would fix their selves but I didn't believe them not one bit. Now, I don't know what to do.

I check the rest of the house and it was completely empty and I wondered where they went? Are they already giving up and buying the packs now?

I passed the kitchen table and saw a note taped to it. I picked it up and read what they had wrote down.

Me and your father have went out for jobs. We are really trying this time Sam. We love you.

Mom and dad

I threw the paper away. If I have learned anything through these years about them is not to get your hopes up.

I took off my sweaty clothes and put them in the washer for a quick wash and got into the shower.

The cold water made me feel better from the workout I just had with Elliot. We were working really good together though and I think if we continue to prepare and train we could beat this tag team at Warriors Castle.

When I am alone and it's mostly the steam in the shower I start to think of memories that remind me why I fight. Letting my anger out and my feelings that I need to let go of.

I barely have a life besides fighting and Sarah. Honestly I think if I died her and her family would be the only ones to show up. My parents might go and might feel a little guilty but they wouldn't change. I don't think they love me. They hate that they had to take care of a daughter. Well not for long because in just 5 weeks I'll be 18 and I can move out of the house I pay the bills for and they can deal with it.

Then, thoughts from the past come to me of Landon who I haven't seen since that day one and a half years ago. When he left me to go to collage. I always wondered if his dad still was pushing him and if he's doing well in collage. If he passed his first year of college without giving up.

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