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Chapter 16!!!!!.

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I coughed and spit out the blood that was in my mouth. My jaw was hurting like a bitch and it stung as I touched it.

I looked back up at the man. He had a smirk on his face. I didn't recognize him or the two other guys standing in front of me. I stood back up on my feet and glared at the man who had punched me. It was so a cheap shot. Come at from behind when I wasn't expecting and wasnt in my fighting mood but I sure am now.

"What the hell do you want? You know I could take you guys if I wanted to and I would love to do it so I suggest you talk!"

The guy that punched me laughed making me more pissed. Does he not know that I could break his skull.

"Oh, Blue Night I for sure know that you probably could take us all but can you take this."

He pulled out a silver gun and pointed it to my forehead. I heard a clicking sound and he just smirked as I looked at the gun pointed at my head.

"What the hell do you want?" I ask yelling at him.

"I want the almighty Blue Night to show me her face, then I'll kill you."

"The hell I am. You can kill me if you want to see my face!"

The guy to my right slapped me hard on the face making me whip my head to left. I looked back at the guy with a glare that made the people getting ready to fight me give up right there.

I stepped back and let the guy with gun step in. He still had the gun to my forehead.

"Come on sweetheart, don't you want to show me your face. Do I need to strip you myself?"

That sent chills down back and not in a good way at all. I looked over at the other guys and they didn't have guns. Just this guy that just told me he was going to kill me or rape me.

Nothing like both of those things are going to happen. I keep telling myself this. Behind the guys I see a person coming out the arena. They can't see cause they're facing me. I don't know who it is and I hope it's a fighter that I upset in the past, but most of the fighters don't like when it's a number against one.

Oh, well cause they can help or not I'm still gonna make my move.

I smirk at the guy and he gives me a confused look.

I make my move. I grab the gun as fast as I could and pointed it towards the guy to my right leg and the guy still holding onto the gun with me pulled the trigger thinking it was going to kill me, but sent a bullet to the guy to the right leg.

The guy fell down in pain. From the corner of my eyes I could see the fighter that walked out the arena drop their two bags and run over to us. I sighed in relief knowing that I wouldn't have to fight three guys myself. Before I could turn back the guy that was to my left punched me in the stomach. I stepped back in pain but quickly recovered by grabbing the guy that was holding it still and kicked him making him fall. Now I had the gun in my hand and I threw it far to the right so it won't get involved again.

The guy that kicked me tried to punch me but I ducked to the left and lifted my knee up kneeing him in the gut. I grabbed him from behind. The guy that was holding the gun now had a knife to my neck. I've dealt with this before, but I just needed a distraction.

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