"Hey!" I say as I sit next to him on the bench. He snaps his head my way and gives me a grin.

  "So, you said you wanted someone to talk to. I'm here to listen and trust me. Have I ever judged you in the week that I talked to you really?"

  "Well, you did say my dancing was bad after the little party we had." He said with a grin in his face.

  It's so weird to think that I just saw him an hour ago and he was with Blue Night but he didn't think it was actually me. Maybe it is fine to tell him? It's not like he'll tell anyone.


Okay, I take that back. I can't tell him.

  "Well, yours was okay but not as good as my dance moves."  I said as I poked his chest.

  He nudged me with his elbow and chuckled. It's good that I made him laugh because it made me happy that I could just make him laugh and pull him away from his most likely deep and bad thoughts.

  "How was your day?" I sat giving him a small smile.

  He lookes away and for a second then back at me, "Well, it was a lot less interesting and fun then when you came. I can tell you that much." He said and gave me the famous Elliot Anderson wink.

  I laughed at this and pushed his shoulder, "You're not seriously using one of your pick up lines on me Elliot?"

  He smiled and nods his head as I laugh even harder. He grins at me and shrugs his shoulders, "I thought I would give it another try but nothing works against you little fighter. Not at the party and not now. It's one of your best and worst qualities in my eyes."

  I roll my eyes at him but I still couldn't hide a small smile. It was good to have Elliot as a friend. I just wish he wasn't Randy Visous and he understood my life as street fighter. He'd still be in the crowd to wink at me. It would make this situation a whole lot better, but instead I am tangled up in different identities and it gets really confusing and frustrating.

  "What are you thinking in that head of yours little fighter?"  Elliot said dragging me out of my thoughts.

  I give him a small smile, "Some shit in my life."

  He nods his head, "Yeah, I tend to do that as well."

  I look out to the kids playing on the playground and back to Elliot, "Why are we here at the kids playground?" I ask and Elliot takes his eyes from a little girl that was sliding down the slide to me.

  "My niece is right there and I have to watch her." He said pointing to the little girl that was going down the slide. She looked about four or five. She waved at Elliot and me and I smiled at her. I looked at Elliot and he was grinning at her. His eyes moved where she went.

  "It's not like I don't want to. I love watching Faith." He said as he glanced back at me. 

   I nodded my head, "I can tell. It's sweet and she seems like a sweet girl." I said with a small smile.

  "Yeah, but she can throw a punch or two when you get her mad.' he says and I raise my eyebrows making him chuckle.

  "How come I don't know about your niece? I don't even know that you have a sibling. Usually I would hear everything about you in school."

  He shrugs, "You're the only one that knows about her now besides Ricky."

  I nod, "Why don't you talk about your brother or sister and their daughter?"

  He stares at Faith not looking at me and sighs, "It's a she. I have an older sister. She got pregnant when she was 17 and my parents basically kicked her out. At the time I was 9 and we were inseparable. She was the best. Then she was gone. She moved in with Faith's father. His name is John and he dropped out and let my sister finish senior year while he watched Faith. He got a job as a bartender and made good money. He still is a bartender now and my sister became a teacher after going to collage. She didn't go to collage after a year from graduating high school. She is doing her first year of teaching the first grade this year."

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