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Chapter 28...WHAT!? There is still a lot if drama and shocking surprises to come and the book is not coming to an end until all will be revealed..which isn't any time soon.

The rest of the week and the weekend went by quickly. I had come to terms with what I had to do with Elliot at Warrior's Castle. It didn't make it any easier when I see him everyday and talk to him all the time.

Wensday, the day after the semi finals, me and Elliot didn't go to school which definitely pissed off Sarah and Ricky. We mad with up to them though. The next day, after school me and Sarah had a girls night. It was fun to catch up with her and talk have time with my best friend again. I relised that I really missed her.

The whole weekend I spent the night at Sarah's instead of Elliot's because we still trained like we did in the weekends. To day it was awkward was an understatement in my eyes. I really hated it.

When Monday morning came I woke up next to Sarah in her queen size very comfortable bed.

I groaned and rubbed my eyes to be face to face with the bright sun. I got up and glanced at the clock. It was time to get up for school. I shook Sarah softly and then harder when she didn't wake up. She was a heavy sleeper for sure.

"Sarah!" I yelled by her ear making her jump up and scream. She landed off the bed with a wise eyes as I am holding back a laugh. After a second of trying I burst out laughing.

"You think this is funny?!" She basically shouted in my face.

I immediately stopped when I saw her make that face telling me she was pissed and out or revenge.

"I will get you soon." She stated and goes into the bathroom to get ready for today.


I opened my locker as Sarah walked away and to her own. I see the shadow of someone behind me and I could only think of one other person that it would be. I turn around with a small smile to Elliot.

"Hey, little fighter." He said while he leaned up against the lockers and winked at me. I held my stomach from laughing so hard and he joined me.

He nudges my shoulder, "So, I heard that you have a major crjsh on me." He states and I roll my eyes.

"No, no it's true. People are starting rumors about you liking me."

"Well, I don't have a crush on you."

"Okay but we both know that you do." He says and puts his arm ober my shoulder as we walk down the hall.

I glare at him and he chuckles which makes it so much easier to mess with him, "What? People are starting rumors about me. I don't like this Elliot. I though we were friend?" I say with so much emotion and great acting skills that he totally falls for it. When he stands there stunned and looking at me with wide eyes I storm off with a little smile on my face.

"Wait! Little fighter just wait!" He says and stands in front of me blocking me from walking farther away.

When we both stopped he pulled me into his arms for a hug and gave me a little squeeze before pulling away and looking down at me.

"We are friends. We're best friends and I don't mean to upset you at all. I will make everyine stop with the rooms and beat up everyine who says it agian if it makes you happy Stephanie." He says genuinely upset about the fact that I was.

When he called me my fake name it felt really weird and I felt really guilty, "Don't call me that." I reply after a while.

He looks at me confused, "What are you talking about? It is your name."

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