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I looked into the mirror one last time and smiled at the beautiful bridesmaid dress. My hair was in wavy curls towards the bottom of my hair and a flower headband was in my hair matching the other girls. They were just like Maria and super nice which was good for me. They did make a few jokes about Elliot and me that I just laughed about because they know we were just really good friends but only wanted a laugh.

I walked down the hallway to get in position for the ceremony. Elliot and Maria's friend were going down the aisle right now.

I looked at the guy standing next to me, the one I will be walking with. He was very quiet and I could tell. He saw me staring and gave me a very weak but still noticeable smile before it was our turn.

I headed towards the alter with a smile smile seeing Mark standing there breathing heavy and trying to get rid of his nerves.

My eyes then met Elliot's who was already standing behind Mark and his best man Alan. He was looking at me from the tips of my toes all the way to my eyes with his jaw hanging a little which made me blush and bite my lip to stop it from continuing. When he met my eyes he gave me a soft sweet smile which I returned.

Once I got up there and stood behind one of Maria's friends the music started playing as everyone stood. I smiled and saw Mark take another deep breath. Maria came out from behind the door with a huge grin as her and Mark met each other's gazes.

I saw him gulp and then grin at her once she gives him a reassuring smile. She gave Mark's father a hug and grabbed Marks hand to help her up the step.

I couldn't help but smile as they exchanged vows. A lot of people started tearing especially Mark and Maria themselves.

As Mark kissed his now wife I grinned at the happy couple. I felt a stare on me and turns out I was right when I saw Elliot smiling as well. He sent we a small wink before watching the now married couple again.

This was going to be a long day if he keeps doing that. That smile and that wink will deffiently keep me distracted.

Everyone cheered as everyone was leaded to the big decorated room where the reception was held.

Maria did an amazing job with decorating it. She wanted what she wanted because every girl wanted their dream wedding with a dreamy husband and Mark gave her both.

They were sat down at a table with two big chairs where everyone in the room could see them.

Everyone was giving speeches to the two and the last was Elliot. He stood up with a big grin as everyone cheered for him. They always do even if he's Elliot or he had a mask and he's Randy Visous. How could you not with him?

I smiled when he kissed his sister's cheek before starting his speech, "Maria and myself have gone through a lot together and so has Mark. Mark and my sister barely knew each other when they were drinking at a party and made my amazing niece Faith." He said and smiled at the beautiful Faith who was giggling. She had her flower girl dress still on.

"They didn't even know what one drunken night would lead to. My sister got pregnant and my parents unfortunately kicked her out like she was some whore or something. What they didn't know is that people make mistakes and things happen for a reason because right now you two are getting married with that little girl she was pregnant with and another on the way." He said still smiling at his sister who was already in tears. I could see Mark's eyes water as he rubbed his wife's back.

A bunch of gasps and murmuring were heard amongst the room about the news that she was expecting. He continued after everyone had quieted down.

"You guys fell in love when you had to get your own place together and work to support Faith who was on the way. I remember the first time Mark said he loved you. You called me that night that Faith was brought home from the hospital. Ever since then I knew yoy guys were happy and had your own family now. I hope I can be happy like you two one day and then you guys can be doing the speeches okay?' he said with a wide grin and his eyes watery.

Elliot was really going to cry soon. For the first time I am sure it is happy tears and that warmed my heart.

They both nodded already crying and wiping away their tears with matching grins.

"Now let's get this party started!' he shouted and raised his glass as everyone clapped and cheered. I laughed and clapped too.

They made their way to the dance floor where they had their first dance. After the song was over other couples started dance as well.

I watched smiling as the couples enjoyed dancing with their partners. I never really liked weddings but then again I never really went to one and I think this wonderful day made me change my mind for sure.

I felt a hand on my back and I shivered and jumped a little looking at the culprit. Elliot stood next to me and grinned at my shocked expression.

"That was more funny then you think." He said and mimicked my expression and the little jump was a little over dramatic.

I laughed and shoved him a little, "Whatever." I say as he chuckles more at my now mad face.

(Play song now)

The next thing I know I was being dragged to the dance floor with the others. A new song was now starting and the couples were wrapped in their partners arms and swaying to the beautiful song.

I smiled as Elliot bowed down and held his hand out, "May I have this dance little fighter?" He asked with a small smirk on his lips.

I shook my head in amusement and nodded my head with a grin which he returned as he took my hand and we moved farther onto the dance floor. He places his hands on my waist and I touched his chest for balance then slid them up to his neck.

He grinned down at me as he started swaying with me. I laughed as he let go and stepped back and twirled me before pulling me closer by my waist.

He had this intence stare that had me flustered.

He stared at me longer as we were touching chest to chest and looking at eachother blocking out the others. I think I forgot where I was for a second. My thoughts were cut off as I was suddenly dipped by Elliot.

That intence stare was back as he slowly dragged me up. In this moment I forgot all about Blue Night and Randy Vicious and focused on Elliot and little fighter.

"Time for the father daughter dance everyone." Alan announced.

I looked at Elliot wondering what she is going to do for that. Was she going to dance with Mark's dad?

Elliot smiled at me and gave me a quick hug. I looked at him confused which he found amusing because he chuckled and headed to his sister as everyone watched.

Elliot and Maria smiled at eachother as they danced. At first I still stood shocked but a smile made it's way onto my face soon after.

I felt bad that her own father didn't come to her wedding. He didn't want to walk her down the aisle and didn't want to have the father and daughter dance with her. I really hope that my dad could be better by the time I got married which probably won't happen unless he gets help.

The rest of the day a bunch different songs played as me and Elliot danced to goofing around making everyone laugh at our 'dance battle' which was absolutely awful but hey, we tried our best.

When a slow song came on he pulled me closer as we were breathing heavy from all the dancing. It was nice to take it slow now.

"You know this reminds me when we first really met. It was at the party at Ricky's house." He whispered in my ear.

I laughed at the memory of us dancing like fools just like today
He smiled at me knowing what I was thinking.

An upbeat song came on and the next words Elliot said made me grin and join him.

"Let's show these people some of our awesome moves." He says and drags me farther out on the dance floor and we dance yet again making me forget everything for another couple of hours.

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