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Hello lovely people who have read my book,

  I am here to announce that I am writing a sequel to Blue Night Fight!!!

  It will be called Blue Night Take Flight!!!

I want to thank Dona2504 and ShadowKat13579 for commenting for a sequel. I also want to thank all my other readers.

  So, if you wanted a sequel than here you go!  😀

  This book will take place just six months after Sam gave birth to their first baby Gavin. This will now be a simple love story with how they cope being parents.  There will be a lot of action and adventure. They will be coping being parents and planning their wedding, but they come to some troubles that could possibly take their lives. They have to protect the baby and act like nothing is wrong with their wedding planner who happens to be Sarah.

  I hope you will like it just like you liked Blue Night Fight.

  The sequel will be out in March. I am working on the first chapter now but I want to have a few chapters ready before publishing. 

Let me know how excited you are in the comments and you might just get the sequel out sooner!

Thanks XOXO,

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