Hello my readers,

Here is where I will tell you everything that happens in the lives of the characters in my book, well this book 😂

Sarah and Ricky
They both got married, they both graduated. Sarah became a nurse for little kids and Ricky got more into business. They got pregnant shortly after Sam gave birth. They had a girl named Isabella and then they had two boys after that. They stoped after that. They are all a happy family of five.

Samantha's parents
After they had their talk in the hospital and Samantha moving all of her stuff out, both of them went to separate six month rehabs. They quickly recognized their mistakes and the next year they reconnected with Samantha. They are now happy parents and grandparents. They didn't get to attend Ricky and Sarah's wedding since it was their one year sober ceremony.

Samantha and Elliot
Elliot graduated collage but went on to become a personal trainer at the same gym Samantha used to work at. Samantha worked hard and it wasn't easy but she opened up her own fighting self defense classes in her own building. The day of her twentieth birthday, she found out she was pregnant with their first child, named Gavin and then only two years after, right before she opened her gym, she gave birth to their second named Blue. Their third child came five years after two days after her twenty seventh birthday. Her name was Emerald. They got married one and a half years after the proposal when Gavin was only one years old. They are happy family of six. Their last and final baby came two years after Emerald named Randy.

Thanks for reading my story and hopefully liking it :)

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