Chapter 41

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|Elliot's POV|

They say that if you love something than set it free. I never believed in that theory. I thought it was because it was stupid and not smart, but I realize now that it was because I never loved anybody before Samantha.

  I still don't believe it now though because I could never let her go. I wouldn't last very much longer either sitting in these uncomfortable chairs or pacing before I go crazy and go in there myself destroying everyone who stood in my way.

  Sarah and her parents got here only 15 minutes ago followed by Ricky asking questions that I couldn't answer yet. I kept pacing and than sitting so many times that I think I got a little dizzy. Sarah, her parents, and Ricky gave me worried looks like they wanted to say something, but before they could I shook my head telling that what ever they would say I wouldn't listen to.

  According to the clock above, it had been almost four hours since I brought her here and about an hour since they got here.

  I didn't pay attention to the clock for another hour knowing that it will just get me more and more pissed. I didn't pay attention to anything around me until surprising guest decided to show up all frantic and searching for answers.

  I walked up to Samantha's father and glared at him, "This is all your fault." I said my cheeks bright red from all the crying. I never stopped more of them from coming since it was pointless, "she would have never started this if you two.." I said pointing to her deadbeat parents, "weren't such pieces of shit!"

  Her mother gulped and opened her mouth like she was going to say something before I stopped her by glaring at them and shaking my head.  She nodded and dragged her husband to the chairs across the room.

  I was surprised to see that he wasn't drunk or that's what it seemed like. He was crying on his wife's shoulder. I chose to ignore them.

  I guess I can thank them as well  because if they weren't such shitty parents than she would have never fought and I most likely wouldn't have met her and wouldn't be madly in love like I am right now.

  I wouldn't have my apartment that I share with her. I'd probably would still be living with my parents and I still would be an asshole not having someone to vent to like Little fighter. It took me being away from her for almost a week and her almost dying to realize she does for me and how much I need her in my life or it would still be crappy like it used to be.

  I sighed and ran my hand through my hair for the thousandth time tonight. The silence and waiting was killing me. I just wanted to know if she'll be alright.

  I walked back to my empty seat and sat back down next Ricky who gave me an extra shirt because the first three hours I was here I was still shirtless. My mask was on the side of the road somewhere. I threw it off on the run here.

  "I can't fucking wait anymore." I growled under my breath.

  Ricky gave me a sympathetic look and slapped my back. I leaned forward and put my heads in my hands rubbing my temples trying to reduce the major headache that was still growing. I took a deep breath before getting back up and pacing again. I did that for another half hour before a man in a white coat came out saying her name and looking around.

  I shot out of my seat followed by everyone else here for her. I ignored her parents and looked at the doctor expectantly.

  He sighed as if it was bad news making my hope crumble a little, "She needs her rest but she is very much lucky. She will be just fine. She's going to be on bed rest for a few days, and she can't have any physical activity. Other than that she will be fine which is highly unlikely with her condition. I guess she just got lucky."

  "Can I see her? Is she awake?"

  "Yes, two people at a time. She's a fighter for sure."

  I sighed of relief and sat down in the chair with a small smile on my face because she was fine. She's was awake and ok, that's all I wanted.

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