Chapter 32

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I woke up really early to start packing up since we had to leave at six in the morning if we don't want to miss our flight. It was really quiet being the only ones in the house. Maria and Mark were on there honeymoon and Faith was with Mark's mother.

I yawned and stretched out across the bed after packing up all my stuff. Eliot was still asleep on the bed next to me. I got up from my side of the bed and walked over to him holding my hand above his cheek. He looked so peaceful. Too bad I wanted a good laugh right now. I slapped my hand down on his cheek making him jump a little and his eyes widen still not noticing me.

He groaned and turned to face my smiling face.

"Good morning sleepy head!" I said innocently.

He grabbed the pillow under his head and hit me on the side of my head. I chuckled and pushed all the hair that fell in front of my face back.

He sat up rubbing his eyes before looking around the room and at my bags already packed by the door. He turns to me, "You've already packed?" He asks raising an eyebrow in question.

I nod and give a him a small smile, "I woke up a little early and packed. I was going to wake you up before as well, but I didn't want to disturb your beauty sleep."

He laughs and climbs out of the bed and towards the bathroom, "I am going to take a quick shower and get packed and then we can go. Mark's mother should be here soon to take us to the airport."

I nod and he walks into the bathroom closing the door. I look around the big room in Maria's house. She and Mark have certainly done well for themselves.

I already started to clean up after I finished packing and taking a shower before walking Elliot up. I picked up the blankets and pillows on the floor from last night where I slept and folded them up on the chair where Maria sat them the night we came here.

I grab my phone and scroll down my contacts list to Sarah and press call. She picks up on the third ring much to my surprise. Saeah is not an early riser but I am across the country so I don't exactly know the time back at home.

"Hello?" Her groggy i-just-woke-up voice answered.

I smiled, "Sarah, I just called to say that me and Elliot are heading back home soon. We should be there tonight. I will see you tomorrow."

"Sam! I missed you so much and Ricky missed you guys too. He was a little upset he wasn't invited." She said teasingly. She knows that he deffiently was but his parents don't let him miss three day of school for a wedding. They are strict like that apparently but not rude and spit like Elliot and Maria's so called parents.

I laughed, "Yeah, tell him I am sorry he couldn't come."

"Will do. So, tell me how was it? Was it fun?"

I laughed at her excitement, "I will tell you everything tomorrow. We have to leave soon."

I heard yawn, "Yeah I got it but I am holding you accountable to it. I am going back to sleep now."

I laughed again and hung up. Just as I did, the doorbell rang. It was weird to answer a fire that isn't even from my home. Faith and her grandparents were standing at the door way with polite smiles. I let them in just as Elliot came into the living room with his hair still damp.

"You ready to go, darling?" Faith's grandmother asks Elliot.

He gives her a warm smile, "Give me a second. I've got to get mine and Stephanie's bags."

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