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Part one of Warriors Castle!!

  I took a deep breath trying to calm myself down. Today was the day. The day I would be doing something I dreaded doing now. If I would have heard that I was going against Randy Vicious than would have shrugged and got ready to kick his ass. Now, I was holding back tears so people wouldn't see the big bad Blue Night crying.

  Today was Warriors castle and in about an hour we'll be going against Amanda and Sneak attack. Then, in about two hours, I will be going against him.

  I tried to remind myself the whole reason I am here. Before I ever fell for Elliot I wanted to come to Warriors Castle and win the championship. I started this because I wanted to accomplish something without anyone's help and I also wanted to hold onto my only support with all my pain. Fighting was my support so right now I had to forget about who I was fighting but what I was fighting for.

  I inhaled and let out a big breath of air. Here goes nothing I thought as I walked out of my room fully ready to fight. I walked down the hall of many rooms where the other fighters were getting ready. My shoes smacked against the concreted floor as I walked.

  I  didn't realize where I was going until I stood in front of the door. The door that read 'Randy Vicious' on it. I took a deep breath and pushed back the tears that threatened to fall. I braced myself and knocked on the door gently and waited.

  Not shortly after the door swung open quickly. I took in a big breath as he stood there, mask on and jeans on, shirtless and ready to fight. He was Randy Vicious to anyone else here, but to me I could see his eyes through the mask and that was Elliot. I sighed and just stared at the man in front of me. I missed him. He was my rock and I needed my rock, I needed him.

  He just stood there staring at me with a blank expression on his face. I cleared my  throat and finally spoke, "Can I come in?" I asked, but my voice came out weak and quiet. That wasn't what most people heard when I wore this hoodie.

  He seemed shocked as well. He was hearing his little fighters voice in the form of Blue Night. It was defiantly not real to him yet that we were the same person and that behind my hoodie, mask, and tough act was his innocent little fighter.

  He nodded his head slowly after a while and moved out of the way for me to walk in and I did. He closed the door behind me and  turned to face me. I didn't say anything at first because I didn't know what to say. I didn't really plan this, but my feet just moved me and led me to here. When I looked up from the floor, his eyes were looking at me from my feet to the hoodie that was over my head.

  I knew he was trying to understand, understand who really is behind it all. I sighed loudly making him look up at me. I slowly raised my hands and did what I never thought I would do, I pulled my hood down and pulled my eye mask off revealing to the first person ever who Blue Night really was. Sure he knew, but he didn't really know because he hasn't seen it himself. I am pretty sure I cleared that up now.

  I couldn't look him in the eyes waiting for his reaction so I looked in between his eyebrows  hoping it looked like I was looking him in the eyes. 

  The room was silent and neither one of us made a sound. I grew the courage to actually look him in his eyes and regretted it immediately, but I still didn't pull away. His eyes were magical and I didn't know what he did, but I was put under his spell. His sad eyes stared back at mine. He looked down at my attire, Blue Night's attire as the reality sunk in. I could see in his eyes and I hated the look that he gave me after.

  He cleared my throat  and backed away from me. Only then did I notice how  close we stood, I must have moved closer wanting to feel his warmth again. I really did miss him and seeing him now right before everything goes down, I missed his comfort more than usual.

  "Look, . . . Samantha." He said slowly running his hand through his hair, "I want to have a clean fight against Sneak Attack and Amanda. Then, I want a clean fight against you, Blue Night." He said choking out the last part like it was physically hurting him to say it. I gulped and immediately getting the message. I pulled my hood back up and mask back on.

  If he wanted to act like had happened and we were just Blue Night and Randy Vicious to each other again, if he wanted to dodge 'the talk' then I will too, "I agree, I will see you out there Randy, goodbye."

  With that I walked out of Elliot's room trying to hold back the tears, but I was strong and Blue Night. Blue Night doesn't let her feeling get in the way, Blue Night fights. I kept that little self pep talk in my head as everything went blank. I couldn't hear anything because I shut everything out and just breathed preparing for this long night ahead. 

  The faint sound of Amanda and Sneak Attacks music playing as they each went to the ring ready for me Randy Vicious was heard by the crowd of people here tonight. The thought of the crowd of people mad me remember how Elliot used to wink at me and stand in the crowd every fight I had. I wouldn't exactly have that tonight.

  I sighed and walked over to the curtain knowing that next up was me and Elliot. I began to stretch like I usually do every time before my fights when I felt his presence, his warmth coming off of him onto me from behind where he stood.

  "And now the bad ass bitch who can kick ass, the only girl to make it to Warriors Castle finale against her very own partner in this fight, BLUE NIGHT!" The announcer shouted and the familiar chants started as my music started.

  I took a deep breath and glanced over my shoulder at Elliot who looked ready nodding my head as he nodded back slowly. Here goes nothing I thought as I walked through the curtain. The chants and screams got louder as I grinned at the people making my way to where Amanda and Sneak Attack were glaring, waiting for me and Elliot.

  My anger raised immediately at what they did, they ruined my relationship with Elliot. I hated them, but they'll find out just how much in a little bit when it's go time. I acknowledged the crowd raising my fists as the Blue Night Fight chants continued.

  Then they announced Randy Vicious and his music played. He came out shortly after and the crowd screamed for the perfection that he was. He used to be my perfection. No! Don't start now Samantha because you got asses to kick! I mentally scolded myself.

  In that moment when everyone got real quiet because we all knew this was it, it was go time.

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