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|Sam's POV|

  I woke up here and there hearing stranger's voices all around me. I didn't know where I was at first when I finally woke up for good. When I smelt the same smell of a hospital  I knew I was here.

   The first face I saw when I woke up was a grinning nurse trying to reassure me I was fine and that I would be having visitors soon.

  The only visitor I wanted to see was the guy who was screaming my name as I bled in his arms. I could still hear his worried voice. The glimpse of sight that I saw of his tear stained cheeks before everything went black. The way his hands held me close begging for me to hold on.

  I sighed and simply nodded my head, flashing her a fake smile. I laid back into the comfy pillow more as a very determined looking Sarah and Ricky came into the room. Sarah came running over to me and hugging me to death.

  "Ok ,ok ease up, there is a gun shot wound you know?!" I said wincing in pain as she instantly pulled away and gave me a guilty look.

  She bit her lip and whispered, "Sorry."

  I chuckled and opened my arms for her to hug me again, "Just be gentle this time."

  We talked all though the 20 minutes they got to have with me minis the five minutes of the nurses trying to get Sarah to leave the room. Once Ricky talked to her, she pouted, but still left reluctantly.
  She told me her parents were here as well. She asked about what happened, telling me what Elliot told her. I went with Elliot's story and improvised.

  It was the first time I ever saw Ricky cry which was amusing and sad at the same time.

  Once they left my spirits for even more high knowing that I'll be able to see Elliot soon. I am pretty sure he visited. Right?

  Why wouldn't he after what happened? He was there trying to stop my bleeding.

  My huge grin disappeared as soon as my next visitors came being my wonderful parents.

  My dad was stone cold sober. I could tell the difference on his eyes. When he was drink his blue shimmery and loving eyes turned cold and dark like a dark and polluted ocean.

  My mother all ready had tears in her eyes as she immediately left her husband's side and pulled me into a tight hug as I winced in pain.

  She pulled back and whispered a small, "Sorry." Before crying again as she looked at me with panful guiltiness in her eyes.

  They went on and on about how sorry they were and how guilty they felt. Well, my mother did while my father just stood there with this look on his face. He felt so much guilt he didn't know what to say to me.

  "Dad?" I asked dropping my mom's insane rambling. He shot his eyes over to me shocked.


  I sighed and took a deep breath before saying, "I will forgive you. I will forgive you and start working towards our old relationship if you do something for me."

  His eyes shimmered, "Anything." He barley whispered.

  "You have to show me, if you stop drinking by the time I graduate, I will try and start a better relationship with you."

  He nodded, "That's great sweetie."

  "I won't be living at the house though in that time period."

  He frowned, "I understand." He said quietly as my mother walked up to him and gave him a squeeze on the shoulder.

  "I love you both and I hope I don't have to shut you out of my life for good."

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