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**2 years later**

I laughed as Sarah smashed the cake in Ricky's face. Everyone's laughter was heard in the open space outside.

  I grinned and clapped along with everyone else. Without thinking I lifted my dress up. Sarah must have thought my breasts were bigger then they were when she said she would handle the maid of honor dress.

I sighed and smiled again at the sight of the now married Sarah and Ricky. It was only four months ago when he proposed on New Year's Eve.

I haven't seen Sarah for two long months before since she lives and goes to collage with Ricky two states away from Elliot and I. We still live in the apartment. Elliot attends collage only an hour away from our apartment. I never went to collage, I make the small income to pay for most of the bills. I work at the gym, mostly working at the front desk. Even though I would love to be one of the personal trainers I couldn't tell anybody about my big secret from two years ago. First because they wouldn't believe me and second because although they still talk about me, I didn't want to be put back into all that.

My twentieth birthday is tomorrow and since the happily married couple will be on their honeymoon, she felt bad about leaving me on my birthday. I shut her right up when I told her all about what Elliot has been telling me this last week. He kept reminding me that my birthday was coming up and I would get a special edition of birthday sex.

I laugh to myself at her reaction. She pretended to throw up told me have some safe fun. Then she told me she'd be doing the same in the Bahamas. It was my turn to react about the thought of Ricky and Sarah together. I mean I know that they are married now and have a bunch of times, I still don't want to picture that in my head.

While I thought about this and smiled softly watching Ricky and Sarah dancing as they grinned at each other really showing everybody they were in love, I felt a strong pair of arms go around my waist from behind me.

I sighed and laid my head back as his chin rest on my shoulder.

He laughed, "You okay?"

I turned around to face him placing my hands on his chest messing with his tie. I nodded my head, "Yeah, just thinking."

He rubbed his thumb across my cheek, "Your stomach still hurting."

  I shook my head and gave him a soft smile, "No. I don't feel like I am going to puke everywhere so that's a good sign."

  He laughed, "I think that food I made a few days ago proved that I shouldn't be aloud in the kitchen." He said chuckling.

  I laughed, "The food was fine."

He smiled and pecked my lips, stealing a kiss from a kiss before we heard the loud voice of the bride, "Alright! All these not married women here gather up!" She shouted.

I chuckled along with Elliot as I rest my forehead on his chest. His breath hit behind my ear as he whispered, "I think you need to go before she thinks we eloped again."

I laughed at the memory a few months ago when Sarah was dead set on proving to Ricky that we secretly eloped.

I sighed, "Alright," I started before leaving a soft kiss on his lips, "Love you."

He chuckled, "Love you too now go!"

I grinned, "I am going!"

I stood in the back of all the girls as Sarah looked around the crowd of them looking for me. When she spotted me she grinned and winked making me laugh.

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