My head was pounding and I could feel the cuts on my knees when I fell down from someone behind me. Who the hell who would know where me and Elliot's new apartment is?

   I sat up the best I could. I was sitting on a chair and as I tried to get up I was held back by something very tight around my wrists. It might be rope. It really stings though and I know I will have marks there if I ever get out of here. Where the hell was I and where is Elliot?

  "Little fighter!" I hear a familiar voice call out for me. My eyes sight was a little blurry.

  I blinked a couple of times to see clearer. We were in a run down building or something. All I saw was dirty concrete everywhere and a rusty chair I sat in. My eyes moved to where Elliot's voice was calling for me.

  He was sitting in a similar kind of chair across from me. His hands were behind his back most likely tied as well. I coughed a couple times. The dust in the big room was unbearable. When I looked back at Elliot, he had a guilty look on his face. A cut on his bottom lip and what looked like a bruise under his right eye on his cheek beside his nose.

  "What's wrong?" I ask with my voice coming out weaker than I intended making him look even more guilty.

  "I am so sorry little fighter. I shouldn't have ever let you know about my street fighting or this wouldnt happen and you wouldn't be hurt. I am the reason we are in here. I have a lot of enemies and I just dragged you into this." He rambled looking down at the dirty concrete floor under his chair.

  "Elliot, Elliot!" I try to get his attention and he looks back up at me with hurt clear on his face.

  "How would they know where the apartment is? No one knows you are Randy Visous besides me and Blue Night."

  He furrowed his eyebrows as if he just realised that. He look down at his feet again thinking to himself.

  "You're right. You obviously didn't do this. I don't think Blue Night would do this. She's not like that."

  I try to hold back my cough but couldn't and ending up hacking up. I didn't want to look up at Elliot once I was done to see his guilty expression. It really isn't his fault but he won't believe me no matter what I say to him.

  I look up after a while of catching my breath. He looked so hurt and I knew he was beating himself up about this. Before he could say anything I stopped him.

  "It's not your fault, so don't give me that guilty face and stop talking bad about yourself. For me, please believe me."

  He sighs and looks at me for a while before shaking his head to himself. I mentally begged he wouldn't say anything like that and to my surprise, he didn't. Not that I was complaining.

  "Who the hell could this person be?" He asked himself out loud. I bit lip thinking to myself.

  "Could this possibly be someone outside of street fighting?"  I asked and he scoffed shaking his head.

  "The only people I hang out with are stuck up fuck boys besides Ricky, Sarah, and you. So, it has to be my street fighting."

  I nodded in understanding but my mind was still absolutely blank. I had no clue who it was and I had no clue why.

  "Don't worry little fighter. I promise I will get you out of here." He says sincerely looking up at me, "I just need a plan." He explains.

  Before I could respond a new familiar voice came into the room stepping out from the shadows.

  "Aww, aren't you two just so adorable."
  Elliot and I both looked up and behind him where a familiar stood next to another. I glared at him with so much hatred. How the hell could they know where we lived? I had to hold myself back because they all don't know who I really was.

  "I mean, who knew that the vicious, Randy Vicious had a soft spot for his lady friend." He said smirking at me.

  He left her side and walked over to me and put his two finger under my chin and lifted up so I looked up at his smirking face. I wanted puke when he pecked my cheek.

  I could Elliot struggling to break free, "If you fucking touch her again. I swear I will kill you with just my fist!" He hissed out to him through gritted teeth.

  He chuckled and went back to her side. I got a good look at who it was that dragged us here. It was bone other than Sneak Attack and Amanda staring at us with proud smirks on their faces.

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