TAKEN (chapter 9)

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"Let me go now!" I demanded pointing the gun at Dan's forehead, my finger lacing over the trigger.

I stood my ground, breathing heavily, tears falling down my face so far that I could taste the salt lingering in my lips. I was shaking holding the lump of metal in my hands and I couldn't get my thoughts straight.

I was a emotional wreck holding a loaded gun at my kidnappers head. This couldn't end well.

"Eve" Dan whispered quietly holding his hands up slowly

"No!" I cried "let me go now!" I grabbed the gun tighter and moved a step forward.

"Eve please" Dan spoke taking a large step forward, so much that the gun was centimetres from his forehead "you don't want to do this" he spoke so slowly and carefully so that he didn't trigger anything.

"I do! I want to go home to my family and friends! I want to get out of this house which is full of kidnappers and people who have hurt me physically and emotionally! I want my freedom back!" I yelled, more tears pooling out of my eyes blurring my vision.

"Eve" Dan sighed "you know that can never happen, you know too much."

"I won't speak I won't! I won't tell anyone I promise" I was begging now and i wasn't lying ever. If they ever did let me go I would never speak a word. Im not sure what these guys are capable of to be honest.

I hadn't realise that through the words spoken between the two of us that my hand holding the gun had dropped a couple of centimetres in my grasp and I wasn't holding it that tightly.

"Even if I let you go Eve, I can't take that chance" Dan was slowly reaching up and his fingers laced around mine on the gun carefully.

I sucked in a breath when I felt his hand on mine. I don't know if this feeling was me being scared or something else...

I shook my head to rid me of these thoughts and slapped his hand away pulling the gun back up to his head and my finger pressing on the trigger harder.

Dan took a step backwards holding his hands up in defence again.

"LET ME GO" I screamed at him holding the gun now with both of my hands secured around it tightly. "please" I whispered weakly at him

"Eve" Dan took a tentative step forward again "you don't want to do this, you don't want to kill me do you?" he raised an eyebrow at me.

He took another step forward waiting for my answer until he spoke again "Eve you don't want to kill me. Not because it's me but because I don't want you to have to deal with that guilt. Your fragile, you don't want the thoughts to control your mind and keep you awake at night, believe me Eve" He spoke with such care and kindness laced in this voice but also with such knowing. It was hard to believe that this was the same person who had hurt me earlier today.

He was opening up to me, it was only something small but he was showing a bit of emotion towards me and I was thankful.

"I'm sorry" he continued " I'm sorry I have to keep you here, but it's for everyone's own good. Including yours."

I hadn't realised that his hand was reaching up towards the gun again and that he was centimetres from taking it away from my grasp.

He leaned in towards my face and smiled sweetly at me "please Eve just let go"

I was shaking from Dan being too close to me and from me being too close to ending someone's life.

I couldn't do it.

I couldn't kill someone with my own hands. I couldn't look into his eyes and end his life. I couldn't live with myself if I did.

I couldn't do it.

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