TAKEN (chapter 25)

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"Right let's do this" Dan smirked before pulling back from the door and walking towards me. "Now Eve, if we are to actually get out of here you have to do everything I say without question, understand?"

His voice was one of control but without the anger it usually contained. I nodded quickly telling him I understood. He slowly grabbed my hand which was clasped to my slashed cheek and replaced it with his own.

"Let's go" he whispered into my ear before pulling back and walking towards the door. He then started to bang his fists on the door, yelling at the top of his voice. I just stood in the cell watching him and waiting for his next move.

Suddenly the door was wrenched open by Marcus as he stood upright with a gun loosely held in his hands. He looked utterly irritated by the noise Dan was creating as he had a scowl set deep on his face.

"Why the fuck are you yelling..."

Before he could finish his sentence Dan had punched him straight in the jaw as his gun came clattering to the floor. Dan was quick to rush to the weapon and clasp it in his grip lifting it forward to come face to face with a very shocked and confused Marcus.

Marcus then started to laugh like a maniac "What are you doing Daniel?" he taunted taking a step forward "you can't hurt me, then Derek will leave the business and you'll be screwed"

"Shut up" Dan growled pressing his finger harder on the trigger as I stood helpless in the background.

"Oh hey Evelyn" Marcus smirked taking a step in my direction completely ignoring Dan.

"Don't even look at her" Dan seethed taking a step to block Marcus from me.

"Awr is someone a bit jealous" Marcus continued to annoy Dan and I knew it wouldn't be soon until he was lying in a pool of his own blood and I wasn't ready to see someone die in front of me just yet.

"Let us go and I won't kill you" Dan tried to keep his voice calm and quiet but he was failing miserably.

"And why would I ever let you go. You Dan might get to go soon but Evelyn is never leaving because you know what she's like super hot and would be a really great fuck"

I gasped loudly as the words left his mouth "You sick bastard" I yelled charging forward at him to give him a piece of my mind before a arm grabbed mine and pulled me into them.

"Evelyn calm down" Dan sternly whispered into my ear as I struggled against his grip.

"Awr sorry to break the truth to you darling but you're life is now going to consist of being a whore"

I didn't really process what had happened before I tore myself out of Dan's grip and rammed my fist into Marcus's face.

He staggered backwards slightly but regained his balance quickly as his breathing quickened out of anger. He lunged forward to grab me but I was ruffly pushed out of the way crashing to the floor as I heard the click of a trigger and the boom of a gunshot.

I screamed covering my ears with my hands and closing my eyes so I didn't have to witness another death.

"Evelyn get up" I felt Dan tug at my arm as I slowly complied with him. Tears were falling from my eyes as he grabbed my face between his two hands "Evelyn listen to me. He isn't dead I just shot him in the leg okay, he's unconscious but we need to move quickly because someone would have heard that okay?"

He voice was once again commanding and I quickly nodded telling him to continue "So I need you to run now okay and take this"

He handed me a small pocket knife and placed it into my palm. "I can't have this" I stammered disgusted I was holding a weapon.

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