TAKEN (chapter 14)

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"What the fuck are you two doing?" Dan seethed rushing towards both me and PJ who were still both stood in shock.

To be honest I don't really think we even knew what we were doing so no one had a answer to Dan's question.

Suddenly Dan lunged forward grabbing me by my hair and pulling me backwards.

I cried out at the pain. My head was stinging already from the cut and this just added to the massive headache I had.

I fell into his chest, slamming my body against his and gasping at the harsh contact.

"I said what the fuck were you doing?" Dan tugged me up by my hair causing me to wince again and forcing me to look at him.

I couldn't speak as his blazing eyes turned even darker and his grip on my hair tightened.

"I..." I manage to squeak out before I was cut off

"Sir, she didn't do anything, please let her go you're hurting her" PJ spoke quickly worry in his voice as he walked towards us.

Dan quickly took a larger step backwards dragging me with him "don't get involved PJ" he growled tugging me towards the door ruffly, his hand clasped around my arm.

"But..." PJ tried again but was interrupted

"PJ don't get involved. I already hurt you today and I don't have the energy to deal with your shit so stop" he shouted sighing at the end out of frustration.

PJ hung his head in shame knowing he was beaten. "okay" he whispered "just don't hurt her" he looked Dan right in the eye, his stance never faltering.

"I won't" Dan angrily replied finally tugging me out of the room and into the corridor.

"Get of me" I yelled thrashing about in his grip. I hated his hands on me, it disgusted me and to think he had comforted me outside and held me when I cried made me want to throw up.

"Get off!" I screamed frustration taking over my body so that I wasn't thinking straight. I wasn't thinking about the possibility of getting punished for this I was thinking about getting out of this man's hold.

"Ugh" Dan groaned before slamming my body up against the wall of the corridor. My front was crushed against the white wall as Dan's elbow was holding my head down and his front was pressed to my back. The impact of this had knocked all the air out of my lungs so that I couldn't even scream or yell out in protest.

"I'm going to ask you one more time" he spoke slowly his breath tickling my earlobe sending goosebumps to rise all across my skin "what the fuck were you two doing?"

"I...I...don't...know" I stuttered a lame response.

I cried out in pain as Dan pulled my body backwards before ramming it back into the wall again. Tears sprung out of my eyes as the pain in my head started to throb.

"Tell me now!" he yelled right in my ear making my heart rate pick up out of fear.

"I don't know!" I cried tears flowing freely now.

"But you do Evelyn" he gently pushed my hair back so he had more access to me neck and ear "you know what exactly was going to happen if I hadn't walked into the room"

Did I?

I wasn't sure what would have happened. PJ was so close to me, our eyes locked, out breath hitched, goosebumps on my skin, my heart rate speeding up, him whispering my name before bringing his face closer towards mine.

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