TAKEN (chapter 1)

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Hey this is my second fanfiction please read my other one "Collide" as well thx xxx


"Ugh come on Eve tonight is gonna be so much fun"

I was lying on my bed with my brown slightly curled hair in my face groaning whilst my two best friends fussed around me pulling on my arms for me to get up.

"I refuse to go" I groaned rolling onto my front and shaking the girls hands off of my arms.

"Awr come on Eve, we haven't been out in ages" Kara, the craziest of my friends said pouting her lip in protest.

"No it's not happening" I literally refused to go out

"Darren will be there" Sophie my other friend casually stated.

I bolted up sitting straight on my bed.

"Omg really let's get going then girls" I beamed jumping up and running to the curling tongs turning them on.

Darren is the guy I have been crushing on for like 2 years and everyone knew I liked him but I didn't care. he was so far out of my limit it was ridiculous. He was like the coolest kid in town an I was me. A history nerd, who loved broadway musicals and dancing round to 5sos in my bedroom.

Yeah we were never gonna happen but I had hope.

"We knew that would work" the girls smiled as they high fives each other.

"Okay okay no need to brag ladies" I chuckled, getting extremely nervous all of a sudden "help me get ready to party!!!!"


2 hours later I was stuck in a hot stuffy club by myself, depressed like always.

Darren hadn't showed up. I don't think he was ever going to show I think the girls just lied to me so that I would go clubbing with them.

One thing I hate in this world is clubbing. Rubbing your behind against a random guys crotch is not very appealing to me.

So I was sat on a sofa round the corner out of sight whilst I watched Kara and Sophie have fun without me. I didn't want to party with them I would only bring their happiness down with my sadness.

All of a sudden it all got too much and I just needed space to breath and get fresh air.

I climbed of the sofa and walked towards the ladies toilet but not without nearly knocking into a guy who was completely wasted.

He told me to "fuck off" which I obliged to because I was shy and quiet and really hated arguments so I kind of just scurried away. typical me

I pushed open the bathroom door to be meet by a couple literally half naked sucking each others face off against the toilet door.

I groaned and just awkwardly turned around and walked straight out of there.

Finally I reached the back door and I pushed it open quickly and sighed in relief.

The cool crisp air hit me and I shivered but I welcomed the cold as I nearly died from hotness inside that club.

I leaned against the club's brick wall just breathing in the night air when I noticed a couple of guys round near the bins just near the corner of the club.

They were speaking in hushed voices an one of them gripped a phone to his ear.

"No boss...yeah we know....w'ell get the job done tonight" the man whispered into the phone.

What the hell were they talking about?

I hadn't realised I had stepped out of the shadows to get a good look at them.

They weren't even that old, they looked around twenty and they all just looked like the normal group of lads clubbing out in London on a Friday night.

But boy was I wrong ...

"Excuse me miss"

I snapped round at the voice, and came face to face with a brown haired guy standing right in front of me and I nearly screamed.

"Sorry darling didn't mean to frighten you there" I noticed a northern accent laced in his voice and I knew for a fact that he did mean to scare me.

"No sorry it's fine don't worry" why was I apologising when I did nothing wrong. Typical British white girl.

"Sorry I just wanted to know if you wanted to dance" he asked cockily and I already didn't like him. he gave off this weird vibe that I was really wary of.

"Um no sorry I'm alright here, no" I simply put I was fine out here by myself and I really didn't want to go back inside the hot stuffy club.

"Wrong answer darling" the boy smirked.

He suddenly pounced on me throwing a plastic bag on my head and lifting me up onto his shoulders while I screamed and kicked.

What is happening my mind shouted at me and to be honest I was bloody terrified at what was coming next.


Woh so first chapter done. and yeah I know it's really rushed and all but I want this story to get going kinda quickly so sorry.

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