Percy Jackson and Harry Potter Crossover by DazedWeather
Percy Jackson and Harry Potter Cro...by DazedWeather
The war with Gaea is over, and Percy meets a few weird strangers, bringing him to more weird strangers, taking him to a weird stranger school. Uh, cool? Another school t...
  • witch
  • poseidon
  • harrypotter
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Percy Jackson & HoO Funnies {Completed} by Geek-Goddess225
Percy Jackson & HoO Funnies {Compl...by I am a person 🐔
I run out of space on this book so I am making a Percy Jackson & HoO Funnies 2. I hope that you give that one a read too. Enjoy! Funny, great, but not mine. Percy Jackso...
  • oneshot
  • sadnijp
  • demigodstexting
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Percy Jackson and the Avengers by PokemonDestiny
Percy Jackson and the Avengersby Marissa
The war with Gaea is over. All of the seven died. Except for Percy. Percy left camp to escape his memories. To lead a normalish life. But... Fury wants to bring Percy i...
  • wattys2018
  • hoo
  • pjo
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I hate you! (Jock!Pj x Badass! Nerd! Reader) by StarDiamond060415
I hate you! (Jock!Pj x Badass! Ner...by B-chan
You are a nerd and your proud off it! Your the only nerd in Underhigh who didn't back out from a fight. But, behind that fighter is a depressed SOUL... You had one enem...
  • badass
  • tsundere
  • fresh
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Percy Jackson & HoO Funnies 2 by Geek-Goddess225
Percy Jackson & HoO Funnies 2by I am a person 🐔
Funny, great, but not mine. Funny and great headcannons and jokes But none of them are mine. All credit goes to who wrote them. Make sure to checkout my First Percy Jack...
  • thaila
  • demigods
  • demigodstexting
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Unlikely (Nerd! Fresh x Jock! Paperjam) by FantabulousCookie
Unlikely (Nerd! Fresh x Jock! Pape...by LI!
Freshpaper - Nerd and Jock AU (Nerd Fresh x Jock Paperjam)
  • nerdandjock
  • jockandnerd
  • pjsans
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GONE by babyparty
GONEby cool cats meow
I didn't come up with the idea error has a secret life apart form being the destroyer what will happen when his opposite ink finds out
  • error
  • undertale
  • paperjam
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scarred • phan soulmate au by ventients
scarred • phan soulmate auby atlas
an au where if your soulmate gets hurt, you get hurt. "mind if i sit here?" "not really" "hi, i'm phil lester" "dan howell" 1st b...
  • alternateuniverse
  • kickthepj
  • amazingphil
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Nerd and Jock X Female Reader (On Hold)  by LovingBlueberry7
Nerd and Jock X Female Reader (On...by Red Ruby
Your name is (Y/N) (L/N) and you've been homeschooled by your overprotective parents and twin brothers because... Reasons. Now you made your parents to promise you you'l...
  • ink
  • horror
  • error
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Jasper x Werewolf! Reader by EmilySkelewolf
Jasper x Werewolf! Readerby BrownENH
You were a maid that shared the same birthday as Jasper. You were a shy and quiet type that always did as you were told. You never messed up, unless on accident, and rem...
  • pj
  • werewolf
  • vampire
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Colorful Sweets (Pallette x Reader) by crystal_the_pixie
Colorful Sweets (Pallette x Reader)by Da Dragon Mum
Error and Ink have gotten together, making PJ and Pallette brothers. To celebrate, the family goes to a new Café the just opened. After eating some baked pastries, they...
  • pallette
  • undertale
  • xreader
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Heaven and hell for a Nerd (Jock!Pj x Nerd!Fresh) by ThabThab
Heaven and hell for a Nerd (Jock!P...by ThabThab
It's a love story about a Nerd and a jock. Wow how "unexpected" *cough cough* It will be a really really long book. Sometimes I don't really have time. Then I...
  • highschooltale
  • ship
  • jock
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Nerd And Jock AU by Ash-Is-Muted
Nerd And Jock AUby 🍁Ash🍁
Random one shots for an amazing AU HIGHEST RANK IN FANFICS #545
  • paperjam
  • ink
  • error
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Secrets [Error x Classic] (REWRITING) by SoulOfWoes
Secrets [Error x Classic] (REWRITI...by Dat One Gal
Not currently being updated for right now (Sorry) Error is a single 'mom' and has three children. Error didn't want anyone to hurt his children so he kept them a secret...
  • errorfresh
  • hacker
  • ink
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Peace Vs Violence (Naj Fresh X PJ) by GreenFlames09
Peace Vs Violence (Naj Fresh X PJ)by P.T.T.
Fresh.. a kid that loves school but has gone through a lot and that makes him have less confidence and ends up beeing shy and doesnt open up beacuse of what his been thr...
  • pj
  • nerd
  • fresh
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To Hell and Back - a Vamp-Verse fan-fiction by Pj_Fresh
To Hell and Back - a Vamp-Verse fa...by Pretty Much Just a Gay Disast...
To all people who don't know what vamp-verse is, why are you even reading this? To all of you who do know what is, i'm still confused on why you're here. I tried very ha...
  • vamp-verse
  • paper-jam
  • error
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(freshpaper)problems  [Done] by tomato_of_love
(freshpaper)problems [Done]by tomato_of_love
A fluff love between fresh and paperjam This is my first fan fic I've ever written Some background knowledge may be required and drama will happen be warned
  • paperfresh
  • jammy
  • paperjam
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Percy Jackson Boyfriend Scenarios by ImAphroditesChild
Percy Jackson Boyfriend Scenariosby тнε cнσsεη σηε
Scenarios with the following people. -Percy Jackson -Jason Grace -Leo Valdez -Frank Zhang -Luke Castellean -Connor Stoll -Travis Stoll -Nico Di Angelo -Will Solace -Et...
  • pj
  • lukecastellan
  • imagines
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Punk Pastels by ThePilot44
Punk Pastelsby L.v.
Punk Phil Pastel dan au - updates may be very random :)
  • phillester
  • flowercrowns
  • louise
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Deadly Scandals FreshJam by AMOTimePlayer
Deadly Scandals FreshJamby Amber.M.Ortiz
I drew the book cover, and made the cover on the Wattpad cover app but the AU does not belong to me, nor does Undertale. Only the plot and OCs belong to me. Also 2 chapt...
  • ships
  • thriller
  • etsukokohaku1500
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