TAKEN (chapter 5)

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I was woken up to the sound of yelling and shouting. My eyes groaning open in frustration as to why I was being woken up so early in the morning.

Then I remembered.

My chest tightened at what happened last night and my breathing quickened. I put my hand on my heart to stop me from acting up and having another panic attack.

I don't think It really hit me until then that I was kidnapped, hit and forcefully kissed in all the same night.

Tears rolled down my eyes. why was this happening to me? I didn't do anything wrong in this world I was a nice, generous, hard working person before yesterday. but that was all about to change.

I wasn't going to be the scared, terrified, shy girl that these people had seen me as anymore. I was going to be brave and strong and get out of this house if its the last thing I do.

With that I slowed down my heart rate with quick short breaths and pushed myself out of the covers and sat up on the bed.

I was about to get up when the door crashed open revealing a very pissed of Dan and a timid PJ

"What the hell is she doing in you room!?" Dan shouted making me cower back but then I remembered I needed to be strong so I got up from the bed and walked over to them.

I was about to explain the situation when PJ beat me to it.

"I found her literally curled up crying on the floor in the hallway, I wasn't just going to leave her there" he sighed trying to get Dan to see reason.

"And why was she on her own in the first place" Dan yelled

I decided to finally speak up "because that jerk Chris sexually assaulted me and then walked off" I shouted right back at him

Dan glare crumbled but only for a second before the hard stare came back again.

"Don't answer back" he snapped at me

"I will say what the hell I want when it's to do with me and why the fuck I have been kidnapped by you 4 idiots when I know nothing and didn't do anything wrong!" I screamed back in his face.

I felt the slap against my cheek making me stumbled backwards but I regained my balance. I wasn't backing down easily.

"Go on hit me!" I screamed "keep hitting me for all I care because it won't ever stop me from trying to get out from this place and away from you!"

Dan eyes blazed and I swear they were a different colour. His fists were clenched with his knuckles turning white form where he was gripping his own hand.

I was telling the truth when I said that I was going to be brave from now on.

I turned around to walk out of the room when I felt two large hands grasp my waist yanking me back against the wall and pinning me to it.

"Don't you ever try and escape, darling, because what ever you do you are never leaving this place" Dan whispered in my ear so that I could feel his breath against my skin. I shuddered he was too close.

"Watch me" I remarked grinning smugly from ear to ear.

Dan pulled a gun out from his jacket and pressed it against my temple. "wanna say that again darling" he asked with anger and amusement laced in his tone.

My breath hitched in my throat but I wasn't going down without a fight "watch me" I spat out.

He pressed the gun deeper into my skull making me hiss at the pain.

"Sir" PJ spoke up finally "Sir, please think about what your going to do"

"Don't tell me what to do" Dan shouted back turning round to stare at PJ but only for a split second and then his gaze was back to me "just leave" he commanded

PJ nodded and then slowly walked out of the room but turned around at the last minute "just think about it please" he repeated before walking away leaving me to die.

"Do it" I screamed "do it and watch my lifeless body fall to the floor and the guilt that it was all your fault" I yelled in his face my voice never cracking once.

He finger traced the trigger and my eyes shut. this was it my life was over and I felt sad. Sad that I hadn't really accomplished anything in my life. Sad that I would never get married or have children or see my parents grow old.

My breath hitched as i gulped but opened my eyes at the last minute to stare into my killers hazel eyes so he could see the pain he was about to cause.

He pulled the trigger and I screamed. the sound of the gun radiating off the walls and bouncing back into me making my body shiver.

Suddenly I realised I wasn't dead and I looked up at him.

His eyes were filled with tears and they were a lot softer colour. "Im sorry" Dan whispered before running out of the room and slamming the door behind him.

I fell to the floor, the pain and terror catching up with me and I cradled my body in my arms.

I looked up at the wall and spotted a hole there. i stood up and traced the hole with my fingertips.

This hole which could have so easily have been my head.

I needed answers as to why I was not dead and I needed them now.

That was why in ran out of the room chasing after the man who nearly murdered me.

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