TAKEN (chapter 12)

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I couldn't sleep that night.

I tossed and turned in his bed, getting frustrated with myself that I couldn't do something as simple as fall asleep.

My head throbbed with pain as I hadn't tended to it as I was too emotionally drained to do anything about it.

As soon as Dan slammed the door closed I ran to the bed in tears, falling into the covers in a mess.

The white, clean, fluffy duvet a contrast to my weak tired and hurt body.

Nothing could get me to fall asleep. I tried everything even counting sheep because I was that bored.

After, what I would guess has been about 3 hours the noises began.

The yelling, shouting, crying keep me awake.

But most of all the screaming.

Those piercing screams dragged through my body wrenching through my heart and making me sweat and shake in fear.

I knew whose those screams belonged to. PJ

It was my fault he was in that state. If I wasn't here he wouldn't have had to save me. If I hadn't been spotted outside the club I wouldn't be in this position. if I had had stayed at home I wouldn't be locked in a room in a house full of kidnappers and the home of the biggest gang in London.

But these were all 'if's' that I couldn't change. They were all 'if's' that were real.

The worst thing about PJ's screams was that I didn't know what they were doing to him. I was in the dark and the unknown is always scarier.

Tears drenched the pillowcase as I slammed my body down into a new position hugging the pillow to my ears to block out the sounds.

It didn't work.

I lay there shaking for what felt like hours ,because it was, until I heard footsteps along the corridor and a screeching noise like a shoe being dragged along the floorboards.

I pulled myself out of bed and ran to the door tugging at the handle. it was still locked.

I frantically searched round the room looking for the key and luckily found it still on the floor where I had dropped it earlier.

I picked it up and began fiddling with the key in the lock until I finally heard the clicking noise of success.

Tentatively, I opened the door a crack and peered out. I could see a figure with their back towards me but not fully so I took a further step out into the corridor.

"Eve" a voice barked making me jump an spin around in fright.

Dan was stood there his head clocked to the side in confusion "how the hell did you get out of that room?" he asked stepping closer to me

"You left the key in the room" I stated like it was obvious

He just smirked "clever"

I smirked back but inside I was dying with fear for PJ.

"Well you probably want to go back inside for a bit" he said walking around me

"Why?" I asked

"Because I'm about to bring PJ up here and I don't want you to see the result of his actions" he simply stated like it was nothing.

I chocked on the salvia in my mouth and my eyes grew wide. It was true, they had hurt him because of me. It was my fault. My fault only.

"What, you scared Eve of what we can do?" Dan taunted moving closer to me tilting his head to the side and grinning mockingly "you scared of blood and pain and..."

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