TAKEN (chapter 13)

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Dan leaned forward so that our foreheads were pressed against each other "Please stay safe Eve. For me" he whispered.

I looked into his eyes. There was so much emotion there. Sadness, pain, kindness, care, worry but they were all hidden by a wall of anger. A big brick wall of anger that I couldn't see through.

I wrenched my face away from his hold, quickly climbing to my feet rubbing off the dirt that had formed on my shorts from sitting on the ground for too long. "Can I see him?" I asked.

"What?" Dan was obviously confused at my changed emotion and I didn't really know what I was doing myself.

I couldn't just sit down and pretend to be friends with Dan and talk to him. He was my captive an I was his prisoner. Nothing had or would change. He has hurt me physically and emotionally. I would never stop hating him.

"Can I see PJ?" I asked giving him a cold stare and placing my hands on my hips.

"Um...yeah...sure" Dan stumbled over his words as he also climbed to his feet and took a step closer to me. I instantly took a larger step back.

"Okay, I'm going to go see him now then" I had no emotion in my voice as I turned round and walked back through the meadow to the door.

I felt him grab my wrist and sighed, I didn't even try to get his hands off me as I knew he was stronger than me.

"Hey what happened?" he whined turning me back around to face him "me and you were talking earlier and I thought that.."

"You thought what" I cut him off "that talking to me would make us best friends or something. That talking would make me forget how I've been treated in this place. That talking would would make me stop hating you because Daniel I will never stop hating you!" I cried with each insult I spat I took a step forward pushing Dan further away from me as he stepped away in shock.

As the words finally hit him, Dan's face of shock turned to a face of anger.

"I try to be nice to you. I try to show you some emotion and talk to you like you are a human not just my captive but I can see that was wasted on you." Now it was Dan's turn to be the intimidating one, stepping closer and closer to me with each word he spoke.

"Being nice doesn't change anything!" I yelled "It doesn't change the fact that you have hit me, tried to kill me and have kidnapped me!" my face was red with anger and my hands were balled into fists.

"Fine if me being nice to you doesn't work I can easily change darling" Dan took a large step closer whispering the words to me.

"Do it" I whispered back "Hurt me, starve me, torture me, kill me! I don't care! I hate you" I yelled the last point right in his face.

I was so angry I didn't really think through the words I was yelling at Dan. My mind and mouth weren't working together.

Dan just laughed. A evil mocking laugh "if you think the past couple of days have been hard, you have another think coming" he leaned in towards my ear pushing the hair there back "I promise to make your life a living hell."

I stilled at his words as Dan just laughed at my actions. My breathing caught in my throat. I has really done it now, I was dead.

"See you later darling" Dan smirked walking past me but not without bumping his shoulder harshly with his.

I seethed at the pain. My body was still sore from being thrown on the floor multiple times over my stay here.

I felt the tears creep into my irises. He was going to hurt me. I was going to have to endure more pain and I don't think I can really take it anymore. My body was bruised and so was my mind. It was exhausted from everything that's happen. I couldn't think straight as my legs buckled beneath me and fell to the floor, my body falling into the grass. My tears rolled down my face my cheeks burning from the saltiness and throat aching from the sobs I was emitting.

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