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TAKEN (chapter 24)

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Sorry it's a bit late again x

"Move it"

I seethed as a hand ruffly pushed me forward so I was now walking in front of the guard.

I looked down as my shoes were the only sound I could hear in this place. I had stopped screaming and yelling. There wasn't really any point anymore. I wasn't getting out of here fast so I thought I might as well save my voice.

The man kept pushing me forward even though I was walking as quickly as I could. I thought about walking slower just to piss him off further but thought better of it.

This guy was scary and by scary I mean absolutely terrifying. His head was completely hairless and his neck was super fat. His whole body was huge and he was at least six foot. He had multiple tattoos on his arms and even one on his neck. It was a cobra and it's green piercing eyes sent a shiver down my spine.

I don't know where I was being sent but I do know that where I was going was not going to be fun.

At the moment we were walking down a very long old dusty corridor. The paint was peeling off the walls and visible cracks could be seen in the plaster. There wasn't another soul around and that terrified me more.

Right at the end of the corridor I could faintly make out an old wooden door and by instinct I knew that was our destination.

When I stopped there the man grabbed my arm tightly making me wince. I wasn't going to make a run for it anyway there wasn't any point. The mans chubby fingers wound around mine made me physically sick. I wanted his touch off me as soon as possible.

With his other hand he knocked loudly on the door and there was a soft "come in" from the other side.

He pushed the door open and I was yanked inside in which my hair fell in front of my face. When I finally looked up a soft gasp left my mouth.

The room was an office with a huge desk in the middle. Paperwork was scattered across its top along with maps and other important accounts. But the person who stood behind the desk scared me the most.

"Hello Evelyn" he sweetly greeted. Although the sweet was enough to make you feel sick.

"Hello Derek" I glared at him.

"Come on darling take a seat" he gestured towards the chair which was placed on the opposite side of the desk to him.

I ripped my hand out of the unknown mans grasp clenching my fingers as I did so as I took tentative steps forward. I took this time to look around the room and was scared to find several other men standing around the edge of the room, guns present in their hands.

I slowly sat down, still looking around me taking in account of everyone's positions. There were ten men in total in this room. Nine of which held guns. And then there was me. I was never going to win.

"Will someone please explain to me why the fuck I am here?"

I didn't expect the hit to come but as the man who brought me here slapped his hand across my cheek I gasped in pain. My head snapped to the side at a stupidly fast sped. If I thought Dan's hits were bad these were bloody awful.

"You will treat him with respect" The man growled as I brought my finger to my lips which was now split and I wiped the blood away.

"Hey Marcus there's no need for that" Derek said but there was no urgency in his voice instead there was amusement, happy I had been hurt.

"Sorry sir" Marcus apologised but he didn't sound sorry. Luckily for me he took a step backwards before joining the other men around the edge of the room.

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