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penguin | dan howell by phandomreads
penguin | dan howellby phandomreads
when you walk aimlessly through the street, you're just looking for trouble. alone. isolated. standing out. a girl over there with her clique. a guy over there with girl...
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- carnival (a phan au) by -dannyboy
- carnival (a phan au)by loser
"oh shit." - where Phil is dragged to a carnival and meets Dan on a spinning coaster of all places :/ warning; will eventually include smut ;) , mature languag...
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TOURSIES interactions by Hikari903278
TOURSIES interactionsby Kaylynn Skye
This is basically a replication (to the best my memory will allow me to say) of what happened when I went to the stage door after going to go see Toursies.
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Martha / Phan Fiction by cabbagephan
Martha / Phan Fictionby phan are my dad
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The Ultimate Evil by DannyPhantomluver2
The Ultimate Evilby Danny
Dan and Phil Imagines! by Dark_turquoise_eyes
Dan and Phil Imagines!by Gracie Bradley
Just short stories about your relationship with Dan or Phil! Enjoy!
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Masturbating Phan by opopxxopop
Masturbating Phanby opopxxopop
Can you stop jerking you dick for like 5 minuets? Yeah, Phil you can for it for me!
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The Muppets #phanisreal by MandaPanda52401
The Muppets #phanisrealby Mandi
When fangirls; Amanda and Jamiee, win sweepstakes to breakfast with the muppets, they show them the popular ship known as 'phan'. The muppets instantly take a liking to...
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My Twin's Best Friend by SenpaiGamingYT
My Twin's Best Friendby Hope
Kara is in love with Phil Lester. Phil is also in love with Kara. The only problem is that Kara is the twin of Dan Howell, Phil's best friend. As they try to handle thei...
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Last night~ Dan Howell x Reader by Dan_Phil
Last night~ Dan Howell x Readerby Dan_Phil
(Y/N) was just 16 when she moved to London. After being in London for a month she discovers a youtuber named Dan Howell. She loved watching Dan's videos and she wished t...
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My Little Alpaca by ErmahgerhdLemon
My Little Alpacaby Bear
mention of rape
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Turning The Tables by toxichoweIl
Turning The Tablesby toxichoweIl
How was I supposed to survive this school year? It was only my first day, and I've already created an enemy that would possibly ruin my whole school year. I mean, I coul...
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heartbreaks (a Danistonfire fanfic) by beckieisnotonfire
heartbreaks (a Danistonfire fanfic)by Beckie
If there is one thing Charlie hates its cheaters. so what happens when her boyfriend cheats on her and she meets Dan and Phil? Will she develop feelings for Dan? Will sh...
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Skinny Love (Phan) by bandfangirlxx
Skinny Love (Phan)by Phan Trash #1
Skinny Love: when two people that love each other are too shy to admit it but still show it
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phanfic by alliefields
phanficby kohnnie is love kohnnie is li...
hey grandma wanna Netflix and phil
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Did it Hurt when you Fell from Heaven? (a danisnotonfire sci-fi/fanfiction) Defying Gravity book 1 by OfLionsAndLlamas
Did it Hurt when you Fell from Hea...by oflionsandllamas
Disclaimer - wow hi I wrote this like two years ago when I was just staring out with fic so excuse me if it's terrible, this was literally my first fanfic so please unde...
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Phan by averystory
Phanby averystory
A dan and phil love story
The Piano Boy (A Phanfiction) by ArtificialWorth
The Piano Boy (A Phanfiction)by 21PanickedChemBoys
(Dropped story) Most people read notes, Dan simply Plays them. Most people hear songs, Phil simply sings them. In which a blind musician and deaf musician fall~
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Official Dan and Phil Wattpad FanPage by YoutubeFreak78
Official Dan and Phil Wattpad FanP...by YoutubeFreak78
A guide to being a Phandom member, video reviews, TABINOF discussions, theories and rumors discovered, fanart, cute photos, Phan quotes, and upcoming events and info! Co...
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