TAKEN (chapter 42 - part one)

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I'm back !!!


Angry. Sad. Terrified. Jealousy. Hurt

Emotions displayed between each breath.

Each breath which ripped in and out of my lungs, sprinted up my throat and bolted out of my lips.

Every breath omitted by me was absorbed by him. Every emotion I had coursing through my blood was felt by him but a hundred times worse.

Each breath from me I could see tearing him apart.

And then there were his eyes.

They looked at me with something I hadn't seen from him before.


He hated me in this moment. He hated me so much.

But he couldn't hate me as much as I hated myself.

Every hair on my body started to stand on end as I felt a strangers grip on my body. Because that was what he was; a stranger. A stranger I had let kiss me and hold me and caress my skin all whilst he watched on.

My lips felt numb from the cold. I couldn't speak but maybe that was a good thing. I had no excuse this time. I was a hundred percent in the wrong and I felt sick about it.

Pj's hands slowly fell off my body and I hadn't realised they were the only thing keeping me grounded because as soon as they left me everything came crashing down on me.

What the hell had I done?

"Pj get out"

The words gracefully slipped through his lips. They held no emotion at all and that scared me more. He was just leant against the door, his appearance depicting casual when I knew he was about to explode.

I just stood still as Pj looked back at me and then at Dan. Maybe he thought it was strange that Dan hadn't rushed over and killed him yet. Maybe he thought it was weird how silent I was being. Maybe he just thought this whole situation was a mess and he would be completely right .

Dan's eyes didn't leave me and mine didn't leave him. We were fixed to each other, emotions spiralling around us.

"I'm not leaving her with you"

I sucked in a deep breath at Pj's response knowing he just signed his own death wish. However Dan didn't even flinch at his response, his gaze still on mine. Pj even took a step closer to me and Dan didn't do anything.

"Pj get the fuck out" Dan seethed with clenched hands, I could see them growing more and more into fists with every second that ticked by.


"Pj leave"

I finally spoke but in only a breathed whisper. I needed him out of here and now. I hated having to feel his presence, feel the mistake I had made.

He stared down at me turning his gaze on me. He was shocked I was siding with Dan, I knew he was, but he was just going to have to deal with it.

He opened his mouth as if to say something but abruptly closed it probably realising it was no good.

And with that he turned towards the door purposely knocking his shoulder with mine where I hissed out at the pain. He may have forgotten that I had a cut there, but that didn't seem likely as he had just finished cleaning it up.

I deserved it though.

I held my breath the entire time he walked up to Dan scared that they were both going to lose it, the amount of tension in this room was insane.

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